5 Under-Radar Movies On Netflix You Should Totally Watch

Ready For Some Netflix And Chill?

Have you ever Netflix and chilled so much that you actually think there’s nothing more to watch? Well, not to worry. Here are 5 under-radar Netflix movies that will help you spend your spare time. (You’re welcome)

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1. Clerks

The 1994 Kevin Smith’s comedy is developed as a convenience store worker is called to cover a shift on his day off. His friend comes to the rescue and helps him pass the time. The day advances, it all turns into sadness when Dante, the worker, is informed that his ex-girlfriend passed out.
Dante goes to the memorial and afterward starts struggling with the discrepancy between staying his by-the-time girlfriend and his ex.
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2. Can’t Hardly Wait

The 1998 Betty Thomas film is about a group of seniors who want to party. Between the cheerful seniors there’s one guy who wants to get a girl since a long time ago, a girl who’s broke up with her boyfriend. There’s also a kid that wants revenge his long-time bully. The party is hosted and it all happens from there.

can't hardly wait
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3. Force Majeure

This film was directed by Ruben Ostlund and launched in 2014. It’s a comedy drama about a guy who’s reaction to the danger proposed by an avalanche is lead by selfishness. This will advance into marital problems and issues with his children.

force majeure
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4. Equilibrium

A Kurt Wimmer film from 2002 has got a futuristic image of the world in which war is eliminated by a regime. The thing is that it is obliterated by forbidding books, music, art and all that can lead to emotions, to the point in which to disobey this is punished with death. Clerick John Preston was in charge of finding and destroying all who refused to follow the rules, but he was taking a drug called Prozium, that altered his mind. When he accidentally misses a dose, he suddenly turns to the other side and starts fighting in favor.

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5. Following

This is a Christopher Nolan 1998-film about a writer who follows strangers around London until he gets dragged into a criminal world where he is not able to get away from it in time.

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