29 Of The Best Pictures From Reuters, #17 Is The Best One

Reuters Know About Good Photography, Here We Show You Some Of The Best

Throughout the years Reuters has accomplished to be one of the greatest photography groups. Time after time, year after year. So, what they do is they cover a wide range of topics. From natural disasters, war, politics, elections, protests peace treaties, or whatever the scandal might be happening. The result is always some amazing photos.

In the light of this matter, we decided to make a compilation of the best photos from this group. By the same token, the pictures might be a little bit too graphic. Please note that they contain explicit violence. In essence, upsetting.

29 of the best pictures from Reuters

1. Place: Afghanistan. Date: May of 2008.

Sgt. William Olas Bee. A US Marine receiving an attack from the Taliban fighters. This is what could have been a terrible loss.


2. Place: Hockenheim. Date: 1994.

Jas Verstappen’s car burst into flames along with his whole crew.


3. Place: New Orleans. Date: 2005.

A man fighting for his life after Hurricane Katrina.




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