Trying To Keep Up With These 13 Kardashian Internet Breakouts

They Know How To Do It Any Time They Like, Respect!!

Chances are you are aware of the Kardashian clan existence. And why wouldn’t you? This family has managed to become one the most famous and somehow influent of the entire the world. How was this possible? It may be true that at first Kim was the one responsible for the success of this group. But nowadays each member of the party is up to something. From having a makeup line, to writing books or filming their own TV shows.

The Kardashian girls are the biggest hit in the world of the reality shows. Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

It is very common for this group to break the internet with some very over-the-top photos, making the world stop for a moment and focus on their extravagant posing invention or some irrelevant breaking news. In fact, Kim Kardashian received the first-ever “Break the Internet” Webby Award. If there should be a book of “how to capture everyone’s attention 101,” The Kardashian-Jenner family would definitely be the authors.

Here is a list of the most popular -and memorable- “internet breaking” posts

1 – The responsible for the breaking-the-internet phrase: the Paper photo shoot for the 2014 winter issue. 111114-cc-Kardashian

2 – And basically ALL the nude pics that Kim K has ever posted. The truth is there are so many, and it is kind of impossible to keep track of all of them.


3 – When Kylie revealed her new lips to the world. It was so huge that everyone was looking for a DIY lip pumper. But the turnouts were never good. So please, abstain from doing this at home you guys.


4 – Whenever Kim decides to publish pictures of her and Kayne’s newborn children. The world awaits and stands still waiting for the revelation to become a reality.


5 – When former Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner decided to “reborn” as Caitlyn Jenner. And introduced herself through the Vanity Fair cover.


6 – When Kim Kardashian took a Selfie with Amber Rose. No need for an explanation here.


7 – That time when Khloe debuted her totally new hot-bod. Not only that she look gorgeous, but she turnout is bod-goals. This is what I call determination guys.


8 – It was time for momma Kris to do her thing. With this photo shoot, she showed the world that despite, whatever your age is you can still rock some bikini shots. That’s a magnificent thing to do Kris, keep it up.


9 – So, Kylie’s makeup line. HUGE deal. Every time a new kit is released to the market the internet collapses. It gets sold-out within minutes. I am starting to think I will never be able to get one myself.


10 – Kendall was part of the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Ever since this happened, she is practically the most searched model through the internet.


11 – Kim gave us an app that makes us feel and understand what her glamorous life is like. The app was released for a while now. And it has managed to be the top grossing app still.


12 – North and Saint. Those are the names of Kim and Kanye’s children. This quickly became a very controversial subject. Saint? Let me tell you, religious people did not like this AT ALL. But it is what it is. America is a free country. Every parent has the right their children after whatever they like.


13 – Christmas is the best time in the year. Everybody is looking forward to it. And the Kardashian keep this tradition very serious. Every year they take a Christmas family photo. And let me tell you, it just keeps getting better.





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