14 Hillarious Tweets Only Food Addicts Will Understand

Of Course Addiction is Not Good, But Maybe Being Addicted To Pizza And Cakes Is Just Not Our Fault

What on Earth is better than food? Nothing. Is there anything more comforting after a long day of school or work than a nice juicy hamburger, bacon-cheese fries or a double cheese pizza? I don’t think so, and I am pretty sure that most of you can relate.

Do you consider yourself a food addict? Then you are definitely going to feel the accuracy in this hilarious tweets about food.

1. Basically, stages of life itself.

2. I literally count every single second.

3. LOL. We all feel you, Mike.

4. Oh, it sure doesn’t.

5. Duuuuh.

6. I don’t even think I can wait 45 minutes.

7. My journal would have about 7 more similar notes.

8. Life goals are questionable when it comes to food.

9. I found the perfect diet for me.

10. Oh, and congratulations to the married couple.

11. Surreal accuracy.

12. School math was useful after all.

13. Dream about food and wake up excited about breakfast.

14. Can I have a salad but with pizza slices instead of lettuce?



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