Dark Phoenix Will Appear In The Next X-Men Movie, But Who Is She?

Let’s Talk A Little About Her

Marvel is really squeezing the milk cow of the success of their movies. Especially now that all it’s supposedly going to end with “Avengers: Infinity Wars”. Recently they announced that they’re preparing a new set of “X-Men” movies include one titled “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”.

This obviously has the fans of the mutant based franchise very excited. Especially for the ones who are die-hard fans of it. Even though you might not know it or think that it doesn’t have had much exposure in the previous films, it has a very interesting story. So here we’re going to break it to you.

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What/who is it?

The Phoenix isn’t just a person, it’s also a powerful cosmic entity, who’s also the center of all psionic energy in the multiverse. Phoenix, in X-Men universe, is the guardian of the M’Kraan Crystal, the nexus of all realities in the multiverse. Also, it roamed the universe, cleaning it to its own judgment (destroying and re-growing entire parts of the galaxy).

However, and despite its great power, it has a history of being influenced by Earthlings. But when it met with Jean Grey and had contact after helping the X-Men save the M’Kraan Crystal, the Phoenix stayed bonded to her and everything changed. Especially as their bond started to turn into something dangerous.

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The birth of the great Dark Phoenix

Due to The Hellfire Club’s manipulation, the mind of Jean/Phoenix’s was corrupted, and she turned into The Dark Phoenix. Then, and supposedly, Jean sacrificed herself and took the Phoenix with her, but eventually both resurrected. Now, the Phoenix Force exists in the Marvel universe, as it shows up in key moments during various storylines. Even taking on new hosts that include the Hope Summers, Emma Frost, and even Cyclops.

In the X-Men movies, the Phoenix Force hints have already appeared as a manifestation of Jean’s powers. As it was first shown in “X2,” when Jean almost died, or in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” when a resurrected Jean became Dark Phoenix. Since this storyline takes a lot of where Jean ultimately sacrifices herself, with Logan doing the mercy killing.

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Possible plot

During the new timeline established on “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Jean has started to show the Phoenix Force at a young age. We also see this as she unleashes her power against Apocalypse in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” as she ends up destroying the villain.

Maybe this will form part of the storyline of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” and we will still have to wait and see what happens. Especially with Jean and her powers and if The Phoenix Force will have the evil connotation, probably due to the title of the movie, and if it will have same connections to cosmic forces that it does in the comics.

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