You Will Never Believe What Holding Your Pee Does To Your Body

Bathroom Breaks Are Now At The Top Of My List

How many times we feel the need to take a piss but we don’t do it? With schedules nowadays, sometimes we don’t give a lot of importance to this scenarios, we prefer to wait and go when we feel like exploding. But this action can cause a lot of inconveniences in the future. We should stop doing it and I’ll tell you why.


We should urinate between four to six times a day, but sometimes due to multiple causes such as time or inconvenient places we postpone it, putting our bodies in risks, ignorant of the damage this could cost us or how long we can take it.


It all starts with the bladder, which is inside the pelvis. Surrounding it, we can find several organs that conform the urinary system.


From our kidneys, we segregate urine, which is a mix of water and our bodies’ waste products. The urine will pass through the ureters to get to the bladder, which walls can relax as the liquid fills it, once is already full it will contract and the urethral sphincter will open involuntarily to release the urine.


Once the urine is inside the urethra, the liquid will stop at the urethral sphincter which will be closed or open depending on when you want to pee.


Your body will tell you when to urinate. There are some stretch receptors in your bladder that get triggered when it fills, sending signals to your spine and back into your bladder so it can contract and let you know it’s filled. Your brain can decide whether or not is a good time to urinate and contracting your urethral sphincter.


You can feel more pressure when there is more liquid inside your bladder, it will stretch but only until a certain point. It may burst if it’s too much liquid, causing sometimes the rupture of the pouch which will require surgery.

But in most cases, the urethral sphincter will contract or relax when you need it. This is one of the muscles of the pelvic floor which support the urethra and the bladder neck, preventing bladder leakage caused by simple activities such as sneezing.


Holding urine in for too long, forcing your urine too fast or urinating without proper physical support may weaken or overwork the muscle, causing a lot of problems like urinary incontinence. So next time you want to hold your pee, think twice.

You can watch the detailed explanation below:




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