Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Is Coming Soon

Exclusive News: A Top Gun Sequel Will Begin To Shoot Next Year!

Tom Cruise confirmed on Tuesday on the Australian talk show ‘Sunrise’ that a sequel to the 1986 classic ‘Top Gun’ is “definitely happening.”

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors about a sequel to the 1986 military action film starred by Cruise, the actor said that they are true, adding that “I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year.”

The cult film that launched Cruise’s career was the highest grossing film of 1986, earning more than $350M globally at the box office. The actor plays the role of the cocky Navy aviator Maverick. When he enters the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School – a U.S. training camp for elite military fighter pilots – he competes to be the best, getting in conflict with the cool kids, led by Iceman, played by Val Kilmer. Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Tom Skerrit and Kelly McGillis also star in the film.

Rumors of the sequel came on January last year after producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a photo of him and Cruise, lightly writing that the two had just been discussing “a little Top Gun 2.”

Last month, in an, Ask Me Anything on Reddit Kilmer was asked if he’d be in a Top Gun sequel, to which he replied: “Hell yes. What a hoot it will be…”

No one is sure of how a 2000s ‘Top Gun’ could be about

One of the key aspects of the original ‘Top Gun’ is set in times of the Cold War, and pilots are obviously preparing to fight against the Soviet Union.

So who exactly could be the villain in the upcoming sequel? Vladimir Putin? Would that even make sense taking into account what has been happening between the U.S. government and Russia? Islamist terrorists, maybe? They don’t have jet fighters, though. North Korea isn’t an option, either, not if the studio wants to avoid the kind of trouble ‘The Interview’ got into.

With the production beginning next year, it’s really intriguing what the ‘Top Gun’ cast will be fighting for. Director of the original film Tony Scott passed away in 2012, so there’s still no word on who might direct the sequel either. The film is kind of in the middle of a limbo if you ask me.

And even with no concrete details about ‘Top Gun 2,’ most people are excited that it will be done: Tom Cruise, the guy who interviewed him, and even the U.S. Department of Defense, that tweeted that they are definitely ready for the new film.

Technology has changed a lot in 30 years – as well as the film’s cast

What made the original ‘Top Gun’ so amazing was that it revolved around an awesome group of pilots fighting for a purpose. 31 years later, pilots are no longer necessary because of drone technology. So another question arises: how will the movie deal with the facts?

Maybe it’s one of those movies that keep trying to fight technological progress, insisting that human beings are still indispensable and that there are no machines that can do their job better than themselves.

Some Twitter users have been sharing their guess on what the plot of the movie will be about and how it will deal with the 21st-century advances.

Also, there’s another important aspect. In 1986, Cruise was playing the role of cool, reckless, daring and young Maverick. How will the 54-year-old Cruise embrace that role? Probably as a mentor of a new generation of hipsters that refuse to believe in drones, and having to deal with a young rebel that reminds him way too much of his younger self.

At least we know Tom Cruise is ageless, but we’re not so sure about the rest of the cast. We can take for granted there will be no recreation of the iconic beach volleyball game. Or will it?

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