‘Walking Dead’ Rises From the Grave in Midseason Premiere Ratings

Back To The Good Old Numbers

On Sunday, The Walking Dead had a rating boost reaching a total of 12 million viewers. Despite having a tough competition on the award night, the show experienced a 10 percent increase in their audience. Last year the zombie show faced some falling numbers. Its seventh midseason finale tuned just 10 million viewers, compared to the season six that had 14 million viewers.


Low numbers

Last fall, the zombie show reached 10.6 million viewers, that’s 4 million less than season six midseason finale. TWD’s seventh season premiere scored 17 million viewers meaning the series lost about 6 million viewers.

These falling numbers were last seen in season three, in the big down the series suffered just before showing a huge increase. Let’s hope we’re about to witness the same situation.

The falling numbers are not senseless since the series showed them right after Glenn’s death. Fans took a pretty hard punch with that and some stopped watching the show altogether.

Coming back up again.

Despite losing about nine percent of the audience, they expected to rise as much as 40 percent. On Sunday, the show regained 10 percent, about 1 and a half million, of the audience scoring 12 million viewers.

Compared with season 6 the show is pretty weak still, being 2 million below the previous midseason. Nevertheless, the 10 percent increase is good news to AMC and the series is going nowhere since it was already renewed for another season.

The zombie apocalypse rose from the dead it has much to do with King Ezekiel and his trusty tiger, Shiba. 10 percent done, 30 percent to go!

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Will the season seven build up the ratings?

The seventh season debuted on October 23, 2016, and its second half debuted this past Sunday. We still have 8 more episodes to watch and see what will happen.

This season introduces King Ezekiel and Shiva, his Bengal tiger pet. It also introduces new communities The Kingdom, Sanctuary, and Oceanside.

The final episode will tune on March 12, let’s see how the ratings continue until that day.

Image Credit: Comple
Image Credit: Complex

Source: The Wrap.


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