Check Out This Amazing Analysis For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

We’ll Have To Wait Until December To Answer Some Of These Questions

Star Wars has taken control of the internet this weekend. Due to their 40-years anniversary “Star Wars Celebration” convention taking place in Orlando, FL. Where hundreds of fans of the saga are being treated with secrets and diverse ways of entertainment.

Since the occasion has worked for the guys of Lucasfilm and Disney to release many things. As a memorial video to honor Carri Fisher was released, along with the relaunch of a charity campaign and more importantly new secrets of what comes next on the far far away galaxy. Especially as two key elements referring to their next movie “The Last Jedi,” were released.

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Last Jedi trailer teaser

The little clip that has taken the whole internet by storm. Obviously due to the fact of counting with generations of million of fans. Besides that the waiting to know what happens on the next episode of the saga is something many, if not all of us, are craving. As we were left with many questions on “The Force Awakens.”

So both Disney and Lucas know how easy it will be to them to have all of us flipping around new stuff. Along with the fact that the title of the movie is “The Last Jedi,” being this probably the most key doubt that all fans have. What will happen with them? Are Rey and Luke gonna die? Will the Jedi go extinct? What will the hell happen?

Enough epic scenes

The trailer is epically constructed. Since it first dazzle us with an incredible footage of the locations that will feature in the movie, proving to us that the photography director of the movie is a total badass. Besides that, we get some classics to keep us all looking forward.

As the video also reveals just enough information, to not ruin us the plot of the movie and yet give us an idea of what’s going on. All that comes along with the incredible battle scenes, the spaceships, explosions, Finn fighting for his life presumably and Rey discovering how to become a Jedi.

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Sith shot

Probably the coolest thing about the whole trailer is the voice over dialogue between Rey and Luke. As Luke asks “Reach out, what do you see?.” To what Rey replies “Light. Darkness. The balance.” A wonderful way of summing up the Jedi “philosophy,” while pleasing older audiences and yet intriguing them, along with the younger generations.

Finally and maybe the key aspect of the whole trailer is the end. When Luke says “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” Something more expected of a Sith Lord than from Luke. So what will happen to them? Are the sith going to be the last ones standing? Why are they doing this to us? We will have to wait until December 15th when the movie comes out.

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