Listen To These 5 Uplifting Songs That Will Put You In The Happiest Mood

If You Are Having A Bad Day, This’ll Fix It

Music is for sure one of those things everyone loves. Without distinction of race, culture, belief, religion, etc. As it has the power to understand us and makes go through tons of emotions. While also making us enjoy awesome lyrics and sounds.

This incredible ability that music has to touch us and make us change through feelings is what makes it so powerful. So to honor that ability, in a way, we are going to leave you 5 of our favorite uplifting songs. To cheer you up if you have had a bad day or simply to give you a playlist that will improve your day.

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5.A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

The upbeat and incredibly happy song by the New York-based band led by Ezra Koening. The hit single from their debut self-titled album isn’t only a treat for the heart and the ears, it’s video is also incredibly goofy, cute and fun to watch. If this doesn’t draw a smile on you, you have a serious problem.

4.Dog Days Are Over – Florence And The Machine

One of the most known songs by Florence. Obviously with all the characteristic aspects of the band. Including awesome lyrics and sound, all powered by Welch’s incredible vocals, along with an eccentric yet artistic touch. This song can shake any bad vibe out of your day.

3.Jump – Van Halen

Van Halen’s most successful and known hit song. Becoming a classic rock anthem of the 80’s and pop culture. Powered by David Lee Roth’s vocals, a catchy yet simple synth, and an incredible guitar solo. This song can really uplift anybody and make it “jump,” of happiness.

2.No Rain – Blind Melon

The Mississippi-California band’s most known song. As they make an incredible breakthrough with their hippy-psychedelic sound back on 1993. Also, the video of the song turned into a pop thing, as they featured a lovely girl dressed as a bee running through sunflowers.

1.Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Is there anything else to add? Despite the fact that it’s Queen who is doing it, obviously in an epic way, this song doesn’t only cheer you up. It also get’s you inspired and makes you feel powerful. Since really nobody can’t stop you when you listen to this legendary song.



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