Chris Pratt’s Son Favorite Superhero Is Not Star Lord At All

He’s More Of A Super Power Kind-Of Kid

Chris Pratt might not be fulfilling his dreams as a superhero completely. The actor revealed to Bollywood Helpkine in an interview that his son, Jack, likes the Spiderman better than Star Lord. Auch.

As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 premiere approaches, on May 5, we continue getting to know Star-Lord and Chris Pratt’s secrets.

Not his son’s favorite superhero

Chris Pratt built a reputation as an actor over the years with movie roles and roles on TV, please do notice his work on Parks and Recreation. However, he met stardom with his portrayal of Star-Lord in 2014. The actor’s irreverent take on the intergalactic anti-here-turned-super-hero in the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy definitely made his name a household.

While he finds himself in toy shelves and receiving all the love of the fans, he’s still trying to win over one of his closest fans. His 4 years old Jack.

In a recent interview, Chris says his adorable son with actress Anna Faris says Spider-Man is his favorite superhero. He added He knows the first part of the film. I don’t know if he thinks it is cool but he has seen the movies that I am in. He knows that I am Star-Lord. But as a matter of fact when I ask him ‘who is your favorite superhero Star-Lord’, he says ‘no Spider-Man’. He just likes Spider-Man better.”

He probably spent nights thinking about the reasons behind little Jack’s choice and said, “I don’t know if he fully understands what makes Star-Lord great because Star-Lord doesn’t really have any superpowers. Star-Lord can’t fly or shoot webs out of his hand … I think he (Jack) is more into super powers.”

We’re sure he will eventually come around and find out how truly awesome Star-Lord is.

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Let’s have a match.

Lucky for Chris, the intergalactic superhero will get an opportunity to match wits with Spiderman in Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The movie will sure have some shares of the two hero’s sense of humor even when the third Avengers installment is set to be more serious.

But The shared screen time with the Spidey in Infinity might not be quite enough for Chris to win his son’s affection, it will put Star-Lord in Jack’s radar, we hope.

In the meantime, Chris can enjoy his fans affections with the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie written and directed by James Gunn brings back the previous cast as it follows the team’s adventures in the cosmos to protect their world.

Guardians of the Galaxy premieres on May 5, Spider-Man: Homecoming lands on July 7, followed by Thor: Ragnarok on November 3.

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