The Chainsmokers Did The Most Amazing Thing And Crashed A Chicago Highschool Prom

I Would Literally Die..

The Chainsmokers crashed a high school prom and made it 1000 times better. On Saturday, the EDM duo dropped by a High School in Chicago hours before their concert to deliver a 10 minutes performance.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall sure know how to have fun. The duo is having an incredible year full of great news concerning their new album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’. They continue on their 40 date tour, and who know maybe they crash your prom.

Crashing a prom as a concert warm up

Some artist take a nap before the show, some grab meal, do some yoga, exercise a bit at the gym. But that’s not for The Chainsmokers, no, they decided they wanted to go to prom.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall decided to warm up by delivering a set of songs to some lucky kids at Huntley High School in Hyatt Regency Hotel, at exactly 2.5 miles from Chicago and the Allstate Arena where they performed later on Saturday night.

The duo made a surprise appearance to make of the prom a night to remember. Kids and the school staff posted pictures of the EDM duo as they were rocking out the prom.Andrew and Alex also tweeted about it letting us know just how cool they are. They performed a 10 minutes set which was surely the coolest ten minutes for their new teen friends.

While it was a surprise for the teens, the prom appearance was actually planned. Scott Rowe, the principal of the Huntley High School, was the mastermind behind the cool idea and helped the guys with it.

He said the Chicago Daily Herald that a few weeks ago he got what he described as a “random phone call” from a filmographer who worked for the duo. This person told him, “This is going to be the strangest call you’ve ever received, but one of your students actually sent an email to the manager of the band.”

Scott said to the Chicago Daily Herald, “They just kind of came from backstage and just started performing ‘Closer.’ The kids weren’t exactly sure what was going on,”

He continued, “About three words in, somebody screamed ‘That’s The Chainsmokers!’ and they just bum-rushed the stage. It says a lot about those guys and how cool they are to their fans.”

“It was probably the toughest secret I’ve ever kept because I knew the kids were going to go crazy for it,” Rowe said.



What a year it has been for the band!

The EDM duo is having what has to be the greatest year. After warming up with their new teen friends, The Chainsmokers performed at Allstate Arena later that night as they continue on their Memories…Do Not Open Tour.

Back in December, they dropped Paris and we knew something new was coming. And then, in January the 30th, they came up with a huge announcement.

The Chainsmokers announced a new album and a new tour via Twitter and then it all begun. The EDM duo announced their first full-length album, Memories…Do Not Open, to be released on April the 3rd.The brand new album came along with a 40 date US tour starting in Miami, Florida on April 13th and wrapping up in Queens, New York on June 10th.

The good news continued in February. They then released the video for Paris, featuring Taylor Swift’s bestie Martha Hunt and showing us the perils and amazements of daydreaming and it was a total success with million of views.

Also in February, they released a new track, this time it was a collaboration with Coldplay.  Something Just Like This was also a total hit and came with a live performance along with the English band.

To carry on good track they graced us with yeat another new track in the month prior to the anticipated album release. In March, they dropped The One. They first dropped it in a Saint Louis radio Show and then released a lyric video that then again was a total success.

To wrap up March, they graced us with a mash-up of All-Star and Closer at an SXSW performance and we died.

But that was not it. It finally came April and it was time for the album!

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Making history

The album dropped and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Memories…Do Not Open is the first album to lead both the Billboard 200 and the Top Dance Albums chart since Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP.

Just three days before kicking off their 40 US dates, the Billboard Music Awards Nominations were out and they headed the list with 22 nominations that included  Billboard Chart Achievement Award Presented by Xfinity, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Dance/Electronic Artist, Top Streaming Song (Audio), and  Top Streaming song (Video).

Then they are nominated with both Closer and Don’t Let Me Down in the following categories, Top Dance/Electronic Song, Top Radio Song, Top Selling Song and Top Hot 100 Song.

And finally, hey are nominated with their albums, Bouquet and Collage, in Top Dance/Electronic Album. It’s definitely a wrap!

Source: Buzzfeed


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