Ryan Murphy Heads to Netflix in Deal Said to Be Worth Up to $300 Million

Ryan Murphy Will Embark On A New Adventure With This Streaming Service

On Tuesday night, Netflix announced that they had been hunting relentlessly for one of the hottest producers, Ryan Murphy. Murphy has worked with 21st Century Fox chain in recent years.

The 5-year agreement is worth as much as $ 300 million. This would be one of the greatest deals ever made for a television producer.

Although this agreement is not good news for the company that saw this producer grow. Seeing its career emerge during these last years, also affects the Walt Disney Company very strongly. Since recently Disney bought most of 21st Century Fox for the sum of $ 52.4 billion.

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Creator of some of the best series of these times

The mind behind industry successes like Glee, Nip / Tuck, American Crime Story and American Horror Story would have been an effective piece for Disney. Even though they tried to keep him in the corporate family, they were not successful. Amazon was also behind this 52-year-old director which contributed to increase the price.

“The story of this moment is not lost on me,” Murphy said in an interview. “I’m a gay guy from Indiana who moved to Hollywood in 1989 with $ 55 in savings in my pocket. So the fact that my dreams are coming true in such an important way it is emotional and overwhelming for me.”

This was the time for those who wanted this producer. He’s in the last months of his contract. The Hollywood economy is moving quickly, looking for creative and brilliant minds to be able to start a massive entertainment projector, beginning with this with the silent film era.

Apple and Amazon have recently teamed up with Netflix and Hulu to move quickly to sign high-caliber creators and animators. The old line companies are in danger of losing relevance if they do not face up against these new free-spending rivals. Netflix started offering programs it authored in 2012 and has said it will spend up to $ 8 billion on content this 2018. Apple has committed at least $ 1 billion for this original programming.

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Disney and Fox will join?

One of the factors why Murphy agreed to accept the Netflix contract was the uncertainty caused by the agreement between Disney and Fox. He had close working relationships with Peter Rice, the president of 21st Century Fox. If this Disney-Fox agreement wins government approval, as expected, it’s not sure that executives will be on board. Mr. Rice told at a conference on Tuesday that he was not sure if he would stay with the company after the planned merger.

The exclusive five-year agreement for this great director and producer is another hit for Netflix. In addition to signing Miss Rhimes last summer, the company has brought this company to other famous stars such as Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler with lucrative deals.

In a statement given Tuesday evening, Murphy mentioned his gratitude to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings; its chief content officer, Ted Sarandos and its vice president of original content, Cindy Holland.

“I am awash in genuine appreciation for Ted Sarandos, Reed Hastings and Cindy Holland on Netflix for believing in me and the future of my company. We will continue to defend LGBTQ women, minorities and heroes and heroines,” he said, “and I feel honored and grateful to continue my association with my friends and fellow Fox at my existing shows.”

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Ryan Murphy influencing world culture

In this statement, Ted Sarandos also spoke, saying: “Ryan Murphy’s series has influenced the world’s cultural spirit. He has reinvented genres and changed the course of television history. Its unwavering dedication to excellence and to give voice to impregnated with his work that breaks the genre, to show a unique perspective or simply to impress us. “

The essence of Ryan Murphy will not fade away from Fox soon. All remaining seasons of American Crime Story, American Horror Story and Feud will continue to be published by FX. The drama that is being televised at this time, 911 will also continue in the chain.

This new adventure for this director will undoubtedly give birth to new projects with Murphy’s own label. Maybe we will see Mickey Mouse in American Horror Story? LOL, I don’t think so, but it would be funny.

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