Russia And Ukraine Got In A Twitter Fight And Used A Simpson’s GIF

It’s Really Amazing To See How Modern Politcws Have Changed

On Tuesday, the official Twitter account for Ukraine decided to correct Russia towards some declarations of Vladimir Putin. To what the Russia’s Foreign Affairs account, replied in a very active way. Giving a perfect 21st-century touch to the nations’ conflict and bitter relationship. Also, giving a bit of a background to many of us who aren’t history or international politics experts.

Image Credit: Ukraine

Putin needs to get his history facts straight

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the new President of France, Emmanuel Macron to deliver a joint press conference on Monday. In it, Putin made a reference to the previous relationship between both countries, referring to the queen consort of France from 1051 to 1060, Anna Yaroslavna. Putin said that she was Russian, something that sprouted the anger of several Ukrainians.

A reason why Ukraine later mentioned Russia on Twitter to set the record and history straight. In their history refresher about Yaroslavna was, in fact, Kiev (Ukraine’s capital) born. Taking a hit in the alternative history facts that the Russian president was misleading. Pointing out that Yaroslavna wasn’t from Moscow, due to the fact that Moscow hadn’t even been established in 1051.

Russians didn’t seem to agree

Despite the fact that Ukrainian parliament declared independence from the Soviet Union back in 1991. Russia replied saying that they “proudly” share the same historical heritage as Ukraine and Belarus, giving it a twist stating “Hey, Ukraine, we have a shared history” and feels this history should “unite, not divide” them.

The Ukraine answer was epic,  they were truly annoyed by the sugar coated answer of Russia. Since they tried to cover their thorny past and present history. Reminding that their “shared history” wasn’t exactly “shared” by Ukraine’s choice. Also, adding a pop touch with the help of “The Simpsons”. Ukraine used the memorable political moment in the cartoon to troll Russia, where Russia reveal “their true self” along with the caption “You really don’t change, do you?”.

Twitter diplomatics

But Ukraine’s comic and snarky victory wasn’t enough. They keep on debating and pointing out the thorny relationship that Russia has had with them, and their other neighbors. Through many centuries of history until the most recent facts. From Kievan RusCatherine the GreatSoviet Union, the 2013 protests and rising tensions to Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea. the two nations embarked on what is currently

Proving that both nations aren’t on the best terms, in fact, they share one of the deadliest ones in European history. To what Ukraine end it all with another cleverly used GIF, this time of Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock.


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