The World’s First Superhero RPG Is Planning A Comeback On Kickstarter

The RPG Game Is Planning A Comback This Year

Tabletop games have a unique aura about them. There is a reason why they’re so popular. Still, they’ve always been around the mythical and medieval realm; now they’re expanding to the superhero one. With the re-release of “Superhero 2044,” the first tabletop Superhero RPG designed for the hero genre is planning a comeback in 2017.

The RPG game is planning a comeback in 2017, thanks to Checker Book Publishing Group. That has announced the purchase of the publishing rights to the classic role-playing game from Gamescience Publishing. Bringing a great idea back to the market, all its way from the 70’s.

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Superhero 2044

Just the idea is excellent, especially in recent times that superheroes have been living a hype due to all the movies and video games.The game was an innovative break from its era, and it will surely be now. The setting of “Superhero 2044” is the dystopian future of 2044. Following a massive worldwide disaster where civilization has become centered on the island of Inquiry, in the west coast of the United States.

Also, the game has all the classic features of an RPG tabletop game. With its rules, classifications for different types of superheroes, melee combat rules designed for fights, a ranged combat system, points-based character creation, powerups, etc. Apparently, the classification that most fans enjoy it’s a nurtured list of super powers.

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Still pioneers

Even though “Superhero 2044” will be back on the table, there have been more superhero RPGs. Like many based on the familiar characters and universes of DC and Marvel Comics. With Marvel Legendary from Upper Deck and the DC Deckbuilding Game from Cryptozoic respectively.

Also, other superhero universes have been built from scratch, including “Mutants and Masterminds” and “Champions.” That generated a massively multiplayer online computer RPG as well. “Superhero 2044” was first released 1977.  Shortly after the launch of “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Runequest,” and others that marked the first wave of tabletop RPGS.

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Crowdfunding heroes

Checker BPG, the new owners of “Superhero 2044” is a graphic novel publisher that published nearly one hundred graphic novels from 2001 to 2013. Some of its titles licenses include Star Trek, X-Files, Flash Gordon, and Clive Barker. They’re planning to launch Kickstarter campaign to renovate the “Super Hero 2044” themed deck-building card game. Along with a new RPG game.

RPG industry veteran Lou Zocchi, who has been involved with the “Superhero 2044” project since its creation, will continue to serve as an advisor on the game. Like “Superhero 2044,” Mutants and Masterminds is also getting into the deckbuilding game genre. Since they recently started a Kickstarter to create Sentinels of Earth-Prime, a version of the popular superhero deckbuilding game Sentinels of the Multiverse using characters created for Mutants and Masterminds.

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