If You Are A Movie Fan And A Color Palette Freak This Account Is For you

It Truly Looks Stunning

Art is so awesome it can speak to people in many different ways. Appealing to them, through feelings, textures, colors, sounds and so on. For a reason, there are 7 types of art. Movies are one of those branches, the 7th actually.

Since the movie industry has grown and has had a little help of the evolution of technology across the years. Films are making us feel even more. Particularly with color, as it gets more vibrant every year.

So in our endless search for your entertainment, we have found an Instagram account that if you’re a movie freak, a color fan or simply a lover of art it’s perfect for you. The account name is “colorpalette.cinema” and it’s truly amazing as they match a scene from any of your favorite movies and create the color palette of it. So here we leave you 10 awesome colorful posts.

10. The Royal Tenenbaums blue.

We start with the master of colors on the movies, Wes Anderson. Known for his symmetric and impressively colorful scenes. The movie was released on 2001 and becoming one of Anderson’s most known films.

As Anderson portraits a family full of genius and prodigies that surely put the “fun” into dysfunctional.

9.The Purple Neon Demons.

Just by name of the movie you know the color is going to be a protagonist. As this psychological horror film directed Nicolas Winding Refn and written by him, in collaboration with Mary Laws and Polly Stenham.

As we see how the modeling industry is truly full of beauty but also of dangers and jealousy.  The movie is from 2016.

8.Ex Machina of colors.

An amazing movie that sets one of the doubts and dangers that many wonder about. As artificial intelligence and technology develop. The psychological thriller movie came out on 2014.

Directed by Alex Garland and presenting us some incredible colors, used to set the futuristic, beautiful and yet tense tone of the movie.

: "Ex Machina" (2014). •Directed by Alex Garland •Cinematography: Rob Hardy •Production Design: Mark Digby

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7.Natural Green Born Killers.

One of the most controversial films of all times. Since after it’s released many people took the plot as a platonic ideal and start imitating the film. But still, it was a great success. 

The movie was directed by Oliver Stone and was premiered on 1994. As the movie presents us a killer Bony and Clyde/Sid and Nancy kind of couple. 

6.Red and Blue Neon Demons.

Again the Neon Demons. As this post presents us a beautiful transition from blue to red to blue again in a truly majestic way.

Truly a masterpiece, at least in the beauty and color aspect. 

: "The Neon Demon" (2016). •Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn •Cinematography: Natasha Braier •Production Design: Elliott Hostetter

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5.American Golden Hustle.

An amazing movie that kept us holding to our seats. Since it has like 5 plot twist creating an amazing movie. Inspired on true events that happen in the 70’s.

As the yellow color palette from this scene really can sum the objective of the hustle. The 2013 film directed by David O. Russell.

: "American Hustle" (2013). •Directed by David O. Russell •Cinematography: Linus Sandgren •Production Design: Judy Becker

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4.Burgundy and Black Swan.

Another movie that plays with the duality of pleasure, beauty, and danger. As this thriller portraits the competitive world of ballet dancers.

Also fulfilling the fantasies of many by making Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis kiss. The 2010 movie directed by Darren Aronofsky walk us through the beauty of sober colors.

3.McBeth in Dirt.

The war and historic movie based on one of the most famous plays of Shakespear and of mankind. As this color palette shows war is all about the dirt style colors.

The movie of 2015 French-British-American production was directed by Justin Kurzel and was written by Jacob Koskoff, Todd Louiso, and Michael Lesslie.

: "Macbeth" (2015). •Directed by Justin Kurzel •Cinematography: Adam Arkapaw •Production Design: Fiona Crombie

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2.The Clockwork Blue/Orange.

One of the most legendary movies of all time. Based on a book of the same name by Anthony Burgess. As a critic towards violence and society.

The movie it’s a voyage through colors and uncomfortableness. Directed by Stanly Kubrick and was released in 1971.

: "A Clockwork Orange" (1971). •Directed by Stanley Kubrick •Cinematography: John Alcott •Production Design: John Barry

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1.Love And Mercy to our eyes.

The awesome autobiographical film about one of the co-founders of the Beach Boys. Obviously, since it talks about surf and surf rock the colors on the movie are dazzling.

The 2014 picture directed by Bill Pohlad is truly a treat for our eyes. As in the color palette in this scene is just majestic.



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