Mariah Carey’s Representative Slams ‘Baseless’ Lawsuit From Former Assistant

Carey’s Under Fire, Again

Mariah Carey’s lawyer has openly criticized Stella Bulochnikov, the former assistant to the star who recently stated that she intends to sue the singer. Give what this deal will with?

On Monday, April 16, TMZ reported that Bulochnikov had filed a summons with the New York court earlier this week. Alleging that Mariah had outright violated the Fair Employment and Housing Law and had also violated the contract per se.

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The Blast gave details about this complaint that sparked the scandal. Stella claims that Mariah is a “wrecked dog” who is “addicted to alcohol, prescription pills, and marihuana.” She also confesses that the singer owes her millions of dollars in unpaid commissions and income from projects they had in the process. And if it was not enough, she is also sexually accused. Stella says that Mariah constantly walked around naked. Insisting on acts that were sexual. Something else to add?

After this scandal, Mariah’s representative responded when she contacted Page Six.

The singer’s team is around

She said: “Stella Bulochnikov was fired from her job as manager of Mariah’s because she did not do her job effectively and mistreated her client. Stella was not under contract for employment.”

“She has been spreading false rumors to any media outlet that publishes them. We will not respond to lies and threats.”

“Once again, if this frivolous and unfounded claim is presented, we will defend ourselves energetically and successfully.” It is also interesting to note that this is the first lawyer to advance on Stella’s behalf. Having previously gone through three others who would not. “

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Mariah involved in another scandal and is not New Year yet

She had worked for the singer for 3 years until they decided to separate in 2017.

The singer has undoubtedly had a few years full of emotions and recently revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001, but did not enter treatment until 2016 and is struggling with this new stage of her life. Mariah and her team will not rest or surrender until they give a halt to these allegations that confirm that they are entirely false.

Hopefully, this problem will be resolved soon to have the real answer to these accusations against the pop star.

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