‘Love, Simon’: You Should Go And Watch It Right Now

It’s Just Too Good

We all love coming-of-age movies, don’t we? They tend to make us think or remember what it is like to be a teenager. Of course, not every story is incredible or is going to have you on the edge of your sit. Come on. But that’s kind of the key. To find beauty in the most simple things. And Love, Simon (2018) is proof of this.

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This is the story of Simon Spier, just a normal high school guy counting down the days left for graduation. He has three friends, Leah, Abby and Nick. They do everything together. Everything is pretty normal. The only thing “in the way” is Simon’s huge secret: he’s gay.

So, as you know, Simon’s life begin to change when he finds out there’s another closeted gay boy at school. Well, he decides to change it a little bit more by sending an e-mail to the guy. Needless to say, there’s an automatic connection between the two of them.

There’s other bunch of stuff that happen in the movie but we don’t want to make any spoilers. Just watch the film. No regrets there. Promise. Plus, the soundtrack is really awesome: Bleachers, Troye Sivan, Portugal. The Man, The Kinks, The 1975, Khalid.

Love, Simon is important

First of all, Love, Simon is such a sweet, funny, easy-going, and real teen dramedy that’ll leave a very warm feeling in your heart. It’s really entertaining and, to be completely honest, you’ll be laughing for the first part of the movie and spend the rest of it just crying. Both sad and happy tears.

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Then there’s the way of approaching a topic that (for some reason we can’t understand yet) has bothered so many people for so long. That something so natural as sexuality has to be a burden for someone it’s terrible, and this films makes you understand how it affects even people in the most accepting surroundings.

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Love, Simon talking about what it feels like for someone to come out, is something we need to watch and understand. Of course not everyone’s story is the same, but it’s nice to see this one specifically.

In the world we’re living, movies like this are very important. It’s important to show this perspective to anyone who doesn’t know what it feels like. That people know how your family and friends can make a very big difference in your life. To teach everyone that we should accept, respect and love people for who they are.

In the end, love is love and we’re all the same, and the sooner we all get that, the sooner we’ll get to live as happy human beings. Finally, live and let live, guys.


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