Katy Perry Wardrobe Malfunction: She Flashes Butt At Audience [Video]

This Is Not The First Time She Shows Her Attributes On The Show

After being the beginning of the season of American Idol kissing a contestant who did not want to be kissed, we bring another scandal back. Does the singer want to be the center of attention?

On Monday night, the singer suffered a minor problem with her wardrobe when her silver trousers that matched her shirt of the same color split into the most notorious place. Right in the middle of her ass!

by mywaypt.

All involved were completely surprised in the number. Throughout the segment in which the remaining 24 contestants made a duo with their idol to reach the final.

When Katy stood up to try to make fun of her partner and co-judge Luke Bryan by imitating her actions, the malfunctioning of her wardrobe left a lot to do …

Lionel Richie and Luke were shocked to see how it all happened. Katy Perry did not give much importance and saw the fun side of the matter. Her pants were a bit more revealing than she expected.

“I just Split my pants” said the singer with no choice

While the judges looked away from Katy’s butt and feigned disgust, the singer called a member behind the scenes to help her with her outfit. That’s when a person came to her aid with a piece of duct tape! Who would say that a tool as basic as tape could save the night?

She pleaded: “Tape it!. Cover my ass!” At the moment Lionel Richie jumped so that the public did not see what happened. Certainly did not want anyone else to talk about this, helping Perry to hide her booty.

After all this, Katy Perry shared the clip on her Twitter account, so that people who missed the chapter could laugh a little with this little problem.

Katy Perry shows a little more to the audience

This would be the second time this happens in the last season of American Idol.  During the auditions, the singer decided to dance with one of the participants when she suddenly slipped falling to the ground and showing her attributions! But with how cool Katy is, she just joked a little about the situation and commented: “I’m the best dancer in history.” Yes, you are!

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 pm on ABC, go to see more crazy stuff this season!

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