Katy Perry Shaded The Hell Out Of Taylor At Kanye’s Concert

Things Are About To Get Real

Just when we thought the drama between Swift and Perry was over, the singer of Rise threw some shade at Taylor… sort of.

Earlier this week the two were spotted at Drake’s birthday and according to an US Weekly source, Katy was ok with it, their mutual ex John Mayer was also there. For those of you that doesn’t know I’ll explain briefly the whole deal between the singers.

Katy and Tay used to be friends until Katy got into a relationship with Swift’s previous boyfriend John Mayer. Taylor started to talk about John and Katy got a little upset. According to Swift, Katy tried to sabotage her tour when she hired Taylor’s backup dancers to go on Perry’s tour.

A lot of shade was thrown between those two. Rumors say Taylor’s Bad Blood song talks about Perry, and here’s how she responded:

Things went this way for a while but everything was calm until Calvin Harris involved Katy into his split with Taylor:


Last but not least, Kim’s snaps that proved Taylor was lying about Kanye’s song. But on wednesday during Kanye’s performance Katy shaded Taylor on snapchat. She filmed herself during the song Famous making some faces, right in the moment of the song that talks about Taylor.

How do you think Taylor will react to this?





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