Kanye West Shows Support For Candace Owens And People Are Not Having It

“I Love The Way Candace Owens Thinks”

Rapper Kanye West praises conservative singer Candace Owens over social media on Saturday. After closing a Black Lives Matters protest during an event held at the University of California.

Miss Owens is the director of communications for the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA.  She believes an “ideological war” is going on with African Americans. Some of them “focus on their past and scream about slavery” and others are “focused on their future”

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“The victim mentality is not great. I do not know why people like to be oppressed,” she added. “We are oppressed! Four hundred years of slavery! Jim Crow!” By the way, none of you lived” she told the protesters. “Your grandparents did it. It’s embarrassing that you use their story. You’re not living anything now.”

The rapper expressed through his Twitter account support for Miss Owens saying:

The political opinion belongs to everyone

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Miss. Owens said the reaction to that tweet was incredible, creating a stir on the platform.

“In about 10 seconds I became a member of KKK, anti-LGBT, whatever,” she said. “Just because I think differently. I refuse to accept this narration that I am a victim. I am not a victim.”

The director also commented that she spoke with the Black Lives Matter protesters. Owens indicated that they were welcome to the Turning Point USA event, and could ask any questions that came to mind. However, she also said that they refused to do that and instead interrupted her.

“I took them because I think their ideas are poisonous, I also think they are intellectually dishonest,” she said.

“They like that black people are dependent on the government”

Owens was on fire, saying that the left wants African Americans to focus on their past and it is not their future. 

When the rapper expressed support for her, Owens responded positively by calling them the “affirmation she needed to move forward, so thank you,” which puzzled more than one person. Since she had previously stated that she doesn’t care what celebrities think. In fact, the people who responded most favorably to West’s backing of Owens seemed to be other conservative activists. Many of the young white men. A demographic that is a great hip-hop patron.


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