These 5 Epic Hip-Hop Videos Were Puppets Are Involved Are Mind Blowing

Marionettes Have More Protagonism That We Might Think

Rap music has always been something very characteristic. Becoming one of the most influential and important cultural and musical movements of history. Especially in the U.S. and western civilization. Mainly known and recognized for its straightforward lyrics, bold rhymes, social content and sick beats.

Also, the videos are typically known for their luxury, high sexual content, cars and it seems that puppets. As the fury marionettes maybe have more protagonism that we might think in recent hip-hop history. Since they’ve featured in various rap videos, especially in some of the most iconic songs of recent times. So to honor the puppets and the songs we are going to leave you with 5 epic rap song videos that feature puppets in it.

5.El-P – The Full Retard.

Brooklyn original rapper, producer and executive El-P, did an amazing video involving puppets. As he presented the video for his 2012 single “The Ful Retard,” from his third solo “Cancer for Cure” album.

As he begins with a bold and edgy “You should pump this s**** like they do in the future.” One-half of Run the Jewels is joined in the video by a cartoonish puppet of what it seems to be a squirrel. To take the streets in a reckless way raising hell by vandalizing and destroying pretty much everything in their sight.

4.Warren G ft. Nate Dogg – Regulate.

Even though it might not be an official video it is a pretty awesome rap video with puppets in it. Since it includes the legendary Bert and Erny, spitting some really dope rhymes. Something we have never seen them do before on Sesame Street.

The video was done by YouTuber “thisishowyougoviral.” By combining clips of the beloved puppets from Sesame Street and making them lip sync with Warren G and Nate Dogg’s 1994 hit “Regulate.” Creating one of the most awesome hip-hop-puppets mashups ever.

3.Blackstreet – No Diggity ft Dr. Dre, Queen Pen.

One of the most epic songs of recent times. As it was a total hit becoming the No.1 song on the charts, especially in the U.S. Dethroning 14-week sensation reign “Macarena,” back in 1996. Being, even today, one of those songs that everyone knows and loves to sing along.

Besides obviously being one of the most epic songs ever. It also has an amazing video that keeps up with it. Especially due to the scene where a hilarious marionette plays the piano and sings the song.

2.Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs.

New sensation Chance the Rapper, who recently won a Grammy for best new artist and best rap performance. His latest video for “Same Drugs” builds on Chance’s reputation of experimenting by featuring a puppet. As the puppet is has a 70’s look it also joins him on a duet on the song, that later reveals a world of puppets.

The video was inspired by the 70’s classic The Muppet Show and took about a month to put together. The video also joins the classic of the hip-hop that features puppets on their videos. Also, the director of the video Jake Schreier said in an interview “I sent Chance a text saying it would be cool to recreate it like an old Muppets episode, He liked it but felt it needed more, and that’s how we got the idea of him being the only human in a world of puppets at the end. The shift to having the puppet rest lifelessly on his shoulder and the overall idea of escape were things Chance came up with on set.”

1.Eminem – A*s Like That.

Probably the best rap video that involves puppets in the whole music industry history. As it’s also mixed with Eminem’s raw and satirical humor sense. Since his 2004 video for his hit song “A*s Like That,” featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (AKA comedian Robert Smigel).

Since the video parodies an awkward run at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards between Triumph, Eminem, and Moby. Triumph later told and joke about it on MTV News in 2005 by saying “Let’s get one thing straight: I used a stunt double for all those scenes. I would never let Eminem put his hand up my a*s.” Still one of the best puppet videos to date.



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