The ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer Reunites Your Favorite ’90s Couple That Never Actually Got Together

‘Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie’ Premieres On November 24th

Nickelodeon unveiled the ‘Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie’ trailer last week, and it’s awesome. The upcoming movie first sneak peek introduces fans to a huge adventure in search of answers.

The ‘Hey Arnold!’ movie comes almost 15 years after the show first aired and it’s bound to take 90s kids down a memory lane.  ‘Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie’  premieres on November 24.

Huge adventure right ahead for Arnold

The first trailer for Nickelodeon’s animated TV movie ‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’ premiered at New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon and it totally delivered.

The trailer was met with the enthusiastic cheers of the ’80s and ’90s kids in the audience. As it shows fans on a huge adventure and answers coming Arnold’s way.

The trailer shows Arnold finally getting a chance to discover what happened to his missing parents. as he and his school won a field trip to San Lorenzo. Which was coincidentally the same place where his parents disappeared.

Fans got a sneak peek of a scene from the film at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Arnold will be back on Nickelodeon with his animated film on November 24.

‘Hey Arnold!’ the animated series ran for five seasons between October 1996 and June 2004 on Nickelodeon. The popular series also inspired a feature film in 2002 titled ‘Hey Arnold! The Movie.’

Reflecting on coming back after all this time

Last week, during the ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ panel at New York Comic Con, creator Craig Bartlett apologized to the packed house of now-grown Nickelodeon fans for taking so long to come back.

The apology came after seeing how much his old cartoon meant to so many people.

“This is great, it makes me glad we waited, even though it was painful. I apologize for that cliffhanger at the end of ‘The Journal,’” he said.

The series creator explained that the cliffhanger was his way of daring Nickelodeon not to make the movie. But as we all know by now, they called his bluff. ‘Hey Arnold’ ended, and unfortunately, the movie wasn’t made.

“I was very glib about where is parents were in the first season,” he said.

Barlett then discussed bringing Arnold back with the audience, the creator said he started from scratch, updating the characters and setting to 2017.

While for us it’s been a huge time, according to Barlett, for the characters it’s only a little time. But no sweat, Barlett already said that that doesn’t change as much as you might think.

The biggest change is that Rhonda has a smartphone, but beepers remain just like in the series.

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