Glastonbury Festival 2017 Last Round Resale Tickets Sell Out In Just 20 Minutes

This Years Edition Will Have The Presence Of Major Lazer And Alt-J

Going to a musical festival is definitely one of the finner things in life. You get to see your favorite bands all day for days, eat delicious fast food, meet new people and really just be happy. One of the biggest and coolest ones in the world is Glastonbury Festival in the U.K., but many fans experienced trouble getting their tickets for this year’s edition.

As this year artistic festival tickets were completely sold out in October. But buyers needed to pay the full balance by April. Something that has generated tons of problems, for both ticket holders and for the ones who wanted to buy the new re-saled tickets.

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Glastonbury Festival has been around since the 70’s

The festival that has been here since 1970 doesn’t only count with awesome bands, it also has performing arts, theater, dance and more. This year the five days festival counted on their lineup important artists like Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Ed Sheeran, Alt-J, Biffy Clyro, Mayor Lazer and more. Being this one of the reasons why so many people want to go.

Many ticket holders had to pay the balance, and those who didn’t get their tickets got re-sold to those who have pre-registered. So for those who didn’t get the chance to get a ticket on the initial sale, Sunday’s resale was the last chance for them to get a ticket.

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Ticket troubles

But the last tickets for the event that will take place in June in Somerset sold out in 20 minutes. Even earlier than many people got into the website. This along with the page crashing led many fans to complained about it on social media. Many fans describing @seetickets site as “the worst website in history”.

Along with it many fans stated through Twitter: “Through to the registration screen 5 times and couldn’t click proceed,” or “So the sold out screen works fine for the server but not the actual ticket sales. such a shocking system #glastonbury #glastonbury2017”. Being probably the most accurate one referring to the fans frustration: “How can the Glastonbury resale tickets be sold out when nobody ever gets past the first page.”

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There were a lucky few

Even though many hated the process and felt frustrated with their unsuccessful attempts to get a ticket. There were some lucky few that got the precious tickets to attend the festival that will take place from June 21st to 25th.

The little bunch who were lucky enough to be claimed as ticket-holders. As they also took social media to show how happy they were to get one. One wrote: “First time applying for Glastonbury tickets and I got them within 6 minutes. I was frantic putting my details in. #Glastonburyresale”. While another one said: “4th time trying for Glastonbury tickets and I got them!!!!”. The festival confirmed officially that the tickets were sold out and that fans should be careful and avoid buying tickets illegally.

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