NES Classic Edition Is Back On Sale Only On Best Buy Stores

Since April 24th They’ve Been Selling Them Until They Run Out

Nintendo is one of the biggest video game companies in the world. As they’re on of the pioneers on it, innovating and changing it from years now. Now, literally, they’re re-launching the Nintendo Entertainment System (or simply NES) for the last time through Best Buy.

After the gaming company released the NES Classic last year, bringing a perfect time capsule of fun, they’ve said that they will no longer keep manufacturing the console. Something that the electronic store has used to their advantage in order to sell the remaining ones.

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Running for some memories

The console that many nostalgic fans have been getting on sites like Amazon or eBay, for more than $300 comes with 30 classic NES games, like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Now you can get it at its original selling price of $60.

But if you want one today, for the original price, you’ll have to run to your nearest Best Buy. As the official twitter account of the chain store announced that they will be offering the console but in a limited quantity. So you’ll have to be fast and get early in order to get one.

Exclusive system

As it seems Best Buy got the exclusivity of selling all that is left in stock of the NES Classic consoles. Since they managed to get possibly all of the remaining ones. Making it all more stressful since Best Buy has an unknown amount of stock.

But in order to get one, you’ll have to walk into one of their stores. They can’t be pre-order online or reserved for store pick up. Since they’re selling the console on a “first-come, first served”. So you’ll have to be in luck to get one, as they’re not saying which stores have the NES Classic and which doesn’t.

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Upcoming orders

To keep the order, some stores will be using a ticket system, especially in New York. Assuring this way that those who came up first get their consoles. So, if you’re really desperate for a NES Classic you should at least visit several stores in the morning to assure you’ll not leave empty handed.

Along with that, we’re also expecting Nintendo to release the SNES Classic soon. That will probably have the same demand, if not higher. Hopefully, the price tag stays the same and Nintendo learns from this occasion and realizes that they should produce more of them.

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