Meet Ralph, The Dog Who Waits For A Girl After School Every Day

He’s The Cutest!

Dogs are one of the cutest and most adorable things that exist in this world. They’re also the Gods of dorkiness and one of the purest creatures that have been created.

These animals are also the most loyal that have ever walked this earth. Anyone who has a dog knows this. If there still exist skeptics, stories like Hachiko will be enough to prove them wrong.

Image Credit: Elisa Lee
Image Credit: Elisa Lee

A similar story.

This is Elisa Lee a 17-year-old girl that’s in her high school senior year in Lakewood, California. Recently she made a new friend. While she was on her way home, she saw a furry thing outside a house near her school.

One day one of her friends insisted on getting closer and found out what it really was. To what happened next was true love.

Image Credit: Elisa Lee
Image Credit: Elisa Lee

Meeting Ralph.

As they got closer they realized it was a Golden, and that was how Elisa and Ralph first met. “Days passed, and he was still waiting there, so one of my friends encouraged me to try to pet him. At first, I was afraid that he would bite me since most dogs would bark at you and seem aggressive if you came near their house.” Elisa said.

“He was so excited and started licking my hand and pawing at it,” she said. Ever since that magic moment, Ralph and Elisa became best friends and developed an unbreakable bond. As Ralph waits for Elisa every day after school for her to pet him.

Image Credit: Elisa Lee
Image Credit: Elisa Lee

The name of the game.

Even though Elisa has been visiting Ralph for a while now, she found out his name in December. As one day after school, she saw an old man walking a golden retriever and I thought for herself: ‘”Oh, what if that’s the dog I pet every day?” she stated.

Elisa then came closer and realized that in fact, it was Ralph. She realized it was him because of “his cute nose that’s pink and has a brownish outlining.”

Image Credit: Elisa Lee
Image Credit: Elisa Lee

The routine.

As the visits kept coming they both developed a routine. Ralph can even tell the time that Elisa’s out of class. “Most of the time, by the time I walk to the spot, he waits there for me to pet him before I leave.”

Elisa had a long weekend recently and she didn’t saw the dog for 4 days. “He looked mad at me since I didn’t pet him for that period of time. A lot of the time he looks so sad when I leave and tell him bye, but I tell him I will be there the following day.”

Online friends.

All of this is so cute that Elise decided to introduce her furry friend to the online world on Tuesday. She posted some pictures and a video of cute Ralph. It was a sensation granting her furry friend many new followers and friends across the world.



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