Why David Crosby Thinks Ted Nugent Shouldn’t Be On The Hall Of Fame

Is It A Matter Of Politics Or Pure Talent?

David Crosby took Twitter on Monday, to wind his thoughts on Ted Nugent’s induction, or lack of it, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nugent made headlines recently, claiming he hasn’t been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his NRA support. He’s also reportedly running for Michigan Senate in 2018.

It’s not a matter of politics, but rather talent

All it took David Crosby to crash Ted Nugent‘s dreams of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a seven word Tweet. Crosby responded to a fan’s question about whether political correctness kept Nugent out of the Hall by saying Monday on Twitter that Nugent “just isn’t good enough.”

He also used an expletive to describe Nugent.

Crosby is a double inductee, getting in for his work with the Byrds in 1991, and later on for Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1997, so If anyone knows anything about the inside route to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction, it’d be him.

On the other hand, Nugent’s biggest hit is “Cat Scratch Fever,” which peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard chart in 1977.

Crosby’s comment comes after Nugent, an outspoken Republican, claimed his membership is held up because of his involvement with National Rifle Association.

However, this is not the first time Crosby slams Nugent.

Last April, pictures of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock visiting the White House went viral on the Internet. Among those viral pictures, one of the rockers disrespecting a portrait of Hilary Clinton made the rounds.

Crosby took to Twitter to comment on one of the pictures of PResident Donald Trump and Ted Nugent.

“this picture says it all …the two most insincere smiles in history
what a pair of as—–s,” Crosby wrote.

So, it’s pretty safe to say that Crosby knows how to roast Nugent.

His political views keeping him from the Hall

In a recent interview with Albany radio station Q103, Ted Nugent claimed his political correctness and his avowed fondness for the National Rifle Association has kept him out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The singer also claimed tens of millions of Facebook followers love his music and support his induction in the famous Hall.

“Go to my Facebook, I have tens of millions of Facebookers from all around the world, and everybody loves the music,” he said.

The singer went on arguing on the issue, and specifically accused Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation member Jann Wenner of blackballing him from receiving a prestigious induction.

“Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone and the Boss Hog at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he hates freedom. He hates the Second Amendment. he hates me because I’m the board of directors, quite proudly … of the National Rifle Association,” Nugent weighed in.

“I’m NRA on the board of directors of the NRA, Jann Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so that’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

The outspoken Nugent was a fierce critic of former President Barack Obama‘s gun control efforts and said at a 2012 NRA gathering that he’d be dead or in jail if Obama was re-elected.

Nugent has previously called for the assassinations of both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Following the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise at a Virginia baseball field earlier this year, he promised to tone down his hateful rhetoric, though. According to Ted Nugent, his wife contributed to his decision to cease calling for the assassinations of politicians with different ideological views than his own.

“…my wife has convinced me that I just can’t use those harsh terms. I cannot, and I will not, and I encourage even my friends-slash-enemies on the left in the Democrat and liberal world that we have got to be civil to each other.”

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Running for Senate

Ted Nugent is reportedly running for Michigan’s Senate seat in 2018. The same seat for which Kid Rock may be a contender.

“If these GOP sonsabitches don’t get it right this time I will come charging in as the ultimate WE THE PISSED OFF PEOPLE Mr FixIt Consitutional firebreathing shitkicker candidate from hell!” Nugent wrote on his Facebook page.

At the same time, Kid Rock is being eyed as a potential candidate for the job. His name was suggested at the Michigan Republican Party convention earlier this year. No final decisions have been announced, though.

Michigan’s 2018 U.S. Senate race is drawing attention because the state voted Republican in the 2016 presidential election for the first time in nearly three decades.

Both Rock and Nugent supported the winning candidate, Donald Trump.

The winner of the Republican primary, whether it’s Rock, Nugent, or, you know, a regular politician, would face off against Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who has held her seat since 2000.

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