10 Dad’s That Literally Won The Best Parent Award In 2016

These Guys Are Idols

fThank god for cool dads!

The Internet is a place where we can find many things. Sometimes we find cool things that make us smile and have a little faith. Like these cool dads who will do literally everything and anything for their kids.

These dads definitely won 2016, they shared with us their awesomeness and their huge hearts. Giving great advice to their kids, supporting them or simply making their dreams come true, these dads are the coolest.


10.This dad who made the cutest proposal ever.

This dad involved his little kid into proposing to her soon to be wife.

9. This one who took care of the daily struggles.

No more tears for you, my child, no more tears.

 8. This dad who decided to have the same scar than his son.

Getting a matching tattoo of his son’s cancer surgery scar, to help his son feel less self-conscious.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
Image Credit: Buzzfeed.


7. This dad who was determined to celebrate Halloween with his little daughter.

He delivered candy to everyone on the plane for his daughter to go trick or treating.


6. This dad who wants his son to experience everything in the world.

This encouraging dad helped his son who has cerebral palsy, to have a blast at the skate park.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
Image Credit: Buzzfeed.


5. This awesome dad who stands up for his son.

Supporting and loving his child no matter what, that’s the true meaning of parenthood.

4. This creative dad who makes his daughter a true hero.

Taking pictures and making them a real hero.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.
Image Credit: Buzzfeed.

3. This inspirational dad who shared the picture of his daughter last eyelash.

After cancer treatment, this little cutie’s last eyelash is a true sign of hope.


2. This one dad who beats distances like no other.

Because they’re truly together by their hearts.

1. This dad who shares all his wisdom with his little daughter.

Motivation as first thing in the morning is really the best.


You really are the bests!



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