In The Kardashian-West Christmas Portrait, They Smile If They Want To

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We missed the Kardashians’ family portrait, but the Kardashian-West came up with a cooler one. This year we didn’t see the usual Kardashian Christmas’ portrait, but Kanye and Kim brought one iconic family portrait.

Kanye posted the family picture on Twitter. The blurry portrait looks like a modern version of the Addams family, and hey, the Kardashian-West smile only if they want to.


Family portrait.

Kanye shared the blurry portrait three days after Christmas. Showing a no smiling family, the celebrities posed with their kids next to the Christmas tree showing all their style and Hollywood glam.

Khristmas bash.

The picture was taken during Kris Jenners Christmas bash. Where the whole family gathered, except for Blac Chyna and Rob. Contrary to rumors, the picture shows that Kanye was indeed in the family celebration.

Kanye’s there, but there’s something more missing.

The picture comes just in the middle of divorce rumors running everywhere. Kim not wearing her wedding ring caused the rumor of the couple’s divorce. Kanye posted this picture showing that he was actually in the celebration, even when didn’t celebrate much.


A rough second semester.

The Kardashian Wests have had a rough second half of the year, and have kept a low public profile. Back in October Kim was robbed in Paris, in a traumatic event for the fashion diva who was enjoying Paris Fashion Week. Then in November, Kanye canceled his tour after being hospitalized for exhaustion. His comments about Trump and the hospitalization have rose rumors about his mental health.

Image Credit:E!
Image Credit:E!

Low profile.

The couple has restrained from public appearances, being Kris’ Christmas party the most recent of their appearances. Kanye broke the low profile to had a meeting with elected president Trump earlier this month.

Image Credit: The Telepgraph
Image Credit: The Telegraph

Rumors rumors.

Kanye made public his intention to run for the presidency on 2020 a few years ago, and by meeting with Trump rumors of them working together emerged. Here’s what Kanye tweeted after the meeting.

He also tweeted this.

Rumors everywhere.




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