This Guy Swings Two Lightsabers Like A True Sith Lord

He Joined The Dark Side

Star Wars is awesome. And there are many reasons why. Not only it was a pioneer in special effects and sci-fi movies. But it also created an entire universe filled with amazing characters. As well the story that you see across the complete saga is incredible.

Other of the things, and probably the main for many fans, that makes Star Wars so incredible are the fights. Not only the battles between republic vs droids or rebels against the empire. But the lightsaber fights are one of the favorite things of any fan of the franchise.

Mall Maul.

Imagine one day you’re simply driving into a fast food restaurant when you see that the guy directing the traffic is a Sith Lord. Wouldn’t you park and greet the guy, or at least congratulate him for his lightsaber abilities?

Great warrior.

Even though the video might not be greatly recorded or the comments takes out a bit of “professionalism” of it, the skills this guy pulls are awesome. The video was shot and narrated by Gareth Robinson, in a Chick-fil-A parking lot.

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The dark side doesn’t pay enough.

As the title of the video perfectly describes it. Since a Sith Lord so talented has to work as well as a parking lot attendant to pay the bills. But despite it not might be the best place to show his skills we are glad he did as we were able to watch him display them. At least for a few moments.



Sith 2.0 internet remix.

This guy has some really cool moves with the “lightsabers”, some that would make Darth Maul very proud. But like everything posted on the internet it is exposed to get remastered. As a user called GameKiller48 remastered the video and added some especial effects and sounds to it.


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