The Best Protest Signs From The Women’s March Across America

Genius Women From All Over The Country Marched For Their Beliefs.

On Saturday, people flooded the streets with a sense of collective consciousness to protest the newly inaugurated President Trump. The Women’s March took over the US earlier this weekend with a full display of feminism and well-inspired protest signs.

Creativity was present while the marchers sang their protest chants, and also proudly showed their protest signs. These awesome and creative posts included memes, pop culture references, and phrases accompanied by the dopest draws.

What a cool way to show what they stand for!


5.”We shall overcomb.”

This protest sign is the proof that simple things usually cause a huge impact. With an orange background and a circle crossing a picture of Trump, the sign reads “We shall overcomb.”

With a funny game of words, this protester sends a message of optimism as it makes pretty clear his feelings for Trump. Changing the words come for comb.

The sign makes clear reference to Trump’s hair, which has become his signature mark, along with his orange tan.

Image Credit: Buzzeed
Image Credit: BuzzFeed

4. “Damn right, We’re snowflakes. Winter is coming.”

In a plain white sign with words in black and red, the sign reads one of the most popular quotes of pop culture, nothing less than Game of Thrones. The protester gives it a twist adding “we’re snowflakes.”

The term snowflakes makes a reference to young people. If we add GOT’s trademark phrase “Winter is coming”  and “we’re snowflakes,” we have a pretty serious threat or, let’s say the promise of young people taking over every space once winter finally arrives.

Damn, seems like winter is finally coming.

Image Credit: Buzzeed
Image Credit: BuzzFeed

3. “We only need 7 Horcruxes.”

This oh too clever portterhead girl mixed her Potter passion with the current tense political climate. The sign shows a picture of Trump as Voldemort in a black background. It reads “We only need 7 Horcruxes.”

Let me break it down for you. This is an analogy between Lord Voldemort and Trump, both are darks figures hunger of power, they also share a divisive speech and a megalomaniac ego.

I guess you’re wondering where Harry Potter is in the middle of this mess. Well, as in Harry Potter, you just have to find the seven Horcruxes to take the power from him. Starting the search asap!

Image Credit: Buzzeed
Image Credit: BuzzFeed

2. “I will not go quietly back to the 1950s!”

The flaming red lips make the perfect contrast against the white background. The sign reads “I will not go quietly back to the 1950s!” And it’s just great.

This girl protested Trump’s retrograde, objectifying and views about women with this sign. The President’s campaign revolved around underestimating women by calling them improper names and so on.This protester, in a quite classy way, says that she’s not loosing her well deserved Civil Rights, and won’t agree to go back to a time where women were less free than nowadays.

Image Credit: Buzzeed
Image Credit: BuzzFeed

1. “Me: The next four years will be fine. Also me: Smash the patriarchy, burn it to the ground”.

2016’s greatest meme made its way in the protest. In a dark background, we got the two sides of Kermit the Frog. The understanding side, and the side that obeys its most secret desires.

The meme that showed the duality of human’s behavior represented people’s duality about Trump’s presidency. Whether we desire to make a peaceful transition to Trump’s presidency there’s always the desire of breaking the status quo.

Most of all there’s the fact that we cannot allow our leaders to mistreat or underestimate parts of the society, we should all receive the same respect and rights.

Image Credit: Buzzeed
Image Credit: Buzzeed



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