Beauty And The Beast Fans Come Up With Ending Theory And It Makes Perfect Sense

Spoiler Alerts Ahead

Spoiler alert! The incredible live-action remake of The Beauty and the Beast put a different spin on the 1991 version. But it created a tiny bit inconsistency.

No worries, an eagle eye fan took care. A Reddit user came up with a cool theory to explain it and it’s awesome. It will really blow your mind. Check it.


Something is off, though

The live action remake of the Beauty and the Beast is awesome and we’re loving Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, and let’s not start talking about Luke Evans’ Gaston and Josh Graff LeFou.

In the live-action movie, we learn that villagers were so unaware of the Beast and his castle, which was literally really near to the village because an Enchantress cast a spell on them to make them forget about it. It’s fair to say that the reboot patches up this detail from the animated version.

Nevertheless, for many fans, the ending in the reboot didn’t make much sense. In the original animated version Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs Potts and Chip are freed from the curse and they rejoice as Belle and the prince dance. The remake shows a similar scene only this time villagers join them, and among those villagers, there are some servants’ family members who finally reunite with their loved ones.

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Let me break it down for you

Viewers noticed this little detail. They also noticed the fact that none of them had aged, even after being separated for years. This is when Reddit user Hainted joined and brought some wisdom for us and solved the problem.

Hainted explained presented her theory in which she clarified not only that inconsistency but other tiny details as well. She wrote, “‘The village is caught in the Enchantress’ curse as well. It’s stated outright that she erased the memories of the Prince, his lands, and servants from the villagers’ minds, but if you pay attention she also locked the village in a time loop.”

So, not only they got memory erased but were also in a time loop which explains why Belle is so bored of the provincial life where every day is just the same. This is why the servants and the villagers don’t age! Brilliant!

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Perfect sense

Hainted didn’t stop there, then she said that this also explains why the villagers consider Belle and her father odd, and it’s because they can change and age while the villagers don’t.

She wrote, “She’s able to walk through a crowded marketplace without looking, she knows exactly when everyone wakes up every morning. She talks about the baker having the exact same tray of goods every day.”

How come they didn’t get the curse? Because they moved to the village after the curse took effect. To top it all off, the village’s hag is revealed to be the enchantress that has been there the whole time, this also helped Hainted to prove her theory. She said, “The Enchantress stayed in the village disguised as a spinster. Why do that unless she’s maintaining a spell on them?”

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