This Woman Does Amazing Food Art For Her Son’s Healthy Food

Seriously, This Are Some True Cooking Goals

Food is really one of the reasons to be alive. Not only in a literal way but also because of their taste and pleasure it gives. Also, art is incredible. Creating beauty and some of the most impressive things in unexpected ways. So what will happen if you mix both?

Well, food art is born, and it’s literally a divine feast for the senses. As you tumble around the internet you’ll see that there are really some incredible food artists. But few do what Melbourne mom Laleh Mohmedi does in Jacobs Food Diaries.

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Just a touch of awesomeness.

Mohmedi is a healthy food lover, and as any parent, she was trying new tricks to get her 2-year-old son Jacob to eat his greens. But one day she turned a pancake into a lion and something incredible was born.

“At the beginning, I made him this lion, which looked more like a bear, and he just loved it.” Mrs. Mohmedi said. After Jacob’s excitement, she then posted the bear/lion pancake on facebook and they became a total success. To the point that her creative meals have gained her on social media 50.000 followers. Have a look at her amazing art.

In the name of Jacob.

Laleh Mohmedi then started to created new characters, especially the ones from Disney, to keep Jacob on the healthy yet delicious way. Now it doesn’t matter what vegetables or ingredients she uses Jacob loves all of her mom’s delicious creations. Since all of this was born thanks to his son, Laleh called the project Jacob’s Food Diaries.

Besides their amazing look Mohmedi says that each character takes her about 25 to 30 minutes to make. That’s pretty fast if you consider the impressive amount of work and level of detail her creations have. Take another look at how she works.

Worldwide famous plates.

Even though food art sounds like a lot of work Mrs Mohmedi says it’s all worth it and encourages other moms to do so. Not only for the health of their kids but because it’s fun and gets the children involved with the cooking process. Being that the main reason she created Jacobs Food Diaries

Her creations have become so popular on the web that they’ve even been reviewed and shown at many important mediums like the Times, The Huffington post, The Daily Mail, The Today Show USA, CBS Inside Edition and much more.

All eyes on me #foodart

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