This Soccer Team Might Be Named Footy McFooty After Poll

Internet Trolls Attack Again

In the world of sports, a club is like a second identity. You grow loving it and its colors, stadium, legends and so on. So if you’re planning on creating one from scratch there is a lot of work to do. But the first step is the name.

This is the problem an ownership group from San Diego are facing. As they’re planning to turn the Californian city into a soccer capital. Since the names have to have attitude, class, simplicity and even sound awesome. To become more intimate with the fans and create a bit buzz on the internet they’re allowing them to purpose some names and vote for them.

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The internet has spoken: Footy McFooty Face.

So you already know where their mistake was, don’t you? If not you haven’t been on the internet enough. As you can’t trust that much on people online. Remember Boaty McBoatface? Or when Pitbull was sent to Alaska? Or any person who has asked for a Photoshop help through the web creating thousands of funny results? the name that is leading the voting chart is a pretty ridiculous one.

It seems that these guys from San Diego haven’t. Since the name that is leading the charts is as dumb and ridiculous as it’s epic. Even though there were some decent names like San Diego Surf or San Diego Football Club the most popular and voted option has been Footy McFooty Face.

Footy is a champ.

The hilarious mistake poll done by the San Diego ownership was made via Facebook. Last week Footy McFooty Face was leading the voting, but since not many persons had participated in the process they didn’t pay attention to it. But since then to now the silly joke name has gotten a lot of supporters.

As Footy McFooty Face went from 161 votes to 7760 and having a difference of more than 5000 points above the second name option. It seems that Footy has already a group of new die-hard supporters already, that was one of the objectives, right? We only hope that they really name it that way and don’t repeat what happened to Boaty McBoatface.

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