How To Organise a Perfect Golfing Holiday

Playing Golf with Friends on Holiday Weekend

If your passion for golf draws you to the fairways every weekend, it might be worth considering a dedicated holiday away to indulge in the sport. Your handicap might be looking pretty good at the club you always play at but are you challenging yourself to different courses and terrains often enough? No doubt you’ve met some like-minded people in the clubhouse and probably made some substantial friendships along the way, so why not organize a golf trip away for a group of you to enjoy for a long weekend or even a week?

When you’ve figured out who would like to attend, you should all sit down and figure out what you want the holiday to include. It might be difficult to find a place that fits everyone’s criteria, but as long as the accommodation and course is good quality and enough of a challenge respectively, then most people should be happy.

Pick the Perfect Location

Picking a location for your golfing trip should be easy as there is so much on offer all over the world. Discuss how far your group is willing to travel as well as the sort of climate that they would all like to play in. You may want to visit a course in Scotland, like St Andrews where the weather will most likely be mild and the conditions may be slightly testing.

Alternatively, your group may prefer to visit one of the courses in the Algarve where sunshine and warm weather is far more guaranteed. A coastal location can provide additional activities if you’d like to have a day away from the fairways. Either way, a bit of pre-planning and consideration of the wishes of the group will no doubt highlight the perfect location for your trip.

Create an Itinerary for Your Trip

Hosting a group trip can be a big responsibility to undertake, and you can feel a lot of pressure to ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s wise to create an itinerary before you leave so everyone has an idea of the timings whilst you’re there. Make sure you include some relaxation time after traveling and book a table reservation at a local restaurant for the first night you arrive. There’s nothing worse than having to search for something to eat when you’re exhausted from traveling all day.

Print off a free itinerary template where you can write in tee-off times and dinner reservations. Your group will be looking to you for advice and direction while they’re there, so this will be great to carry around and have to hand when asked about the day ahead.

Pack Appropriately

Remember to add golf bags onto your luggage allowance if traveling by plane, and although you can hire equipment when you’re out there, you’ll want to feel accomplished using your own.  With this said, consider the likes of pxg irons when teeing off abroad to try and boost your performance and technical finesse.

Depending on where you’re traveling to, the climate might be completely different to the one you play in at home, so remember to pack appropriate clothing for your trip. Additional layers may be needed or golfing shorts instead of trousers may need to be purchased.

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