Watch Adele Invite Her Drag Impersonator On Stage To Sing With Her

It’s Not The First Time This Happens

During her concert in Perth, Australia there were not only one but two Adele rocking the stage. On Tuesday, the Australian city witnessed how DJ Feminem, a drag Adele’s  impersonator, and Adele sang one of the diva’s song.

Adele is well known for asking her audience to join her on stage. This time it was time for an impersonator to spark some fireworks on stage with her. She’s the sweetest, the coolest and the dopest!


A tour full of thrills and emotions.

The 25’s tour has been filled with proposals, empowering speeches and tender memorials, and that’s just really Adele delivering her best self and enjoying her audience, and we love it!

During her performance at Domain Stadium in Perth, Australia the diva noticed someone lookalike in the crowd and she didn’t miss the opportunity to ask her joining onstage.

Meet DJ Feminem.

As Adele lied eyes on the crowd she couldn’t help but notice her doppelgänger. DJ Feminem was rocking a black gown as she rocked her best Adele’s impersonation and enjoyed the show.

As Adele walked down the catwalk, she stopped in front of the impersonator and said “I want to meet you” and pointed to her, and then security did the rest to get the diva onstage.

Straight off the plane in Sydney and back into #adele mode for interviews…zero sleep people! #feminem @adele hair from @caclacefrontwig

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Chit chat and singing.

Once onstage the two of them got to talk and DJ Feminem revealed she’s actually a professional Adele impersonator, “I impersonate you professionally for a job.”  Excited and incredulously Adele said she couldn’t believe it and then hugged and compliment her for the beautiful gown.

Then the drag performed and Adele sang “Rumour Has It,” and since Adele is such a big fan of selfies they took a selfie.

Lovely Adeles.

Adele loves sharing the stage with fans and whenever she notices an impersonator she doesn’t hesitate to ask them to join her onstage.

The singer is an icon in the LGBTQ community and as many members impersonate their idol, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to give something in return and make them feel special by sharing with them.

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Source: Billboard


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