13 Reasons Why Actor, Ross Butler, Sings And It’ll Blow Your Mind

He’s Just So Talented..

Turns out Ross Butler not only acts but sings. The Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why’ alum, has a bunch of videos displaying his musical talents and we just love it.

If for some reasons you have no idea who he is, then let us put him on your radar and, come check out this boy’s incredible talent.

Such a talented guy.

The latest Netflix’s hit, 13 Reasons Why brought us a whole new group of talented people to discover. As we get to know these wonderful people we discovered that Dylan Minette is in a band and we almost lost it.

But turns out Dylan is not the only one graced with some musical talent. No, Ross Butler got some serious musical game for himself.

The actor who played Zach on 13 Reasons Why and plays Archie’s nemesis on Riverdale often shared videos of himself covering songs on Instagram.From Justin Bieber, Frank Sinatra to Disney classics Ross makes the coolest covers. There are many Rihanna’s covers and we guess he’s a huge fan.

With his raspy voice and cool guitar skills, you’re about to fall for this 26year old actor who is simply awesome.

Cali King Bed. Little bit of RiRi is necessary. #SaturdayNightJams #acousticcover #Rihanna

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He also has an outstanding piano game. Damn.

Felt a little rusty with my jazz so did some Fly Me To The Moon today 🛫🌙 Arrangement: Fabrizio Caligaris

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What we know about Ross

Let’s begin by saying that Ross is soon to turn 27 as his birthday is on May 17. The American actor was born in Singapore and has quite an interesting heritage.His mother is Indonesian and his father is American/British. He moved to Virginia with his mother and then moved again to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and well, he did it!

While you might recognize him from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, where he played basketball player Zach Dempsey, and on CW’s Riverdale, where he plays Reggie, Archie’s nemesis.However, his acting career goes all the way back to 2012, and he’s been in Disney’s K.C Undercover, Teen Beach 2, and Teen Wolf.

Since we’re talking about his acting, he’s avoiding being typecast which is why he generally passes on roles that marginalize Asian actors. He said in an interview, “I can’t go out for these roles, I’m just not built for them. I’m 6’3 and athletic. I can’t play a nerd or a Bruce Lee type of character.”

Recently, Ross declined being recast on Riverdale allegedly for schedule problems and his commitment to other projects. This has started a rumor that 13 Reasons Why is making a comeback. Interesting.

We’re seeing more of him, for sure!

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