Behind The Scenes With The New Wonder Woman, DC’s Going To The Max

Women Empowering Everywhere!

With so little time missing for the premiere of Wonder Woman this June there’s a lot to say about it. The movie is one of the most expected films this year and no wonder why. Wonder Woman is only one of the coolest female heroines!!

Warner Bros. Pictures first announced the movie and began shooting in 2015 with a release date in June 2017. Wonder Woman is intended to be the fourth installment in the DC universe, we saw her in The Dawn and now she’s having her own movie to shine by her own.


New Wonder Woman coming in.

The movie will be directed by Patty Jenkins, the screenplay was written by Allan Heinberg and Geof Johns. Featuring Gal Gadot as the awesome Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

Patty Jenkins really wanted to make everybody feel like they’re Wonder Woman while watching the movie. In fact, the story of the heroine can relate, somehow, to everybody’s story, “It’s the story of someone discovering their power and their decision to do good with it. That’s universal. We all come of age, so that’s the dream,” she said.

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What’s happening?

The movie is set on the island of Themyscira, which holds the glorious Amazon women warriors created by almighty God Zeus. There, we meet a young Diana who will soon become the Wonder Woman we all know. Diana is secretly trained by her sister.  Steve and Diana meet after he crashes on the island and he shows her a terrible device Germans are developing in this horrible thing call war.

After she hears Steve war tales she faces a huge set of human emotions when she decides to help Steve thinking this way, she’ll defeat Ares, the God of War. So they go to fight evil on their own different missions, but soon their missions will turn one.

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Choosing the perfect moment.

Jenkins really took care of details to make sure the Wonder Woman got a perfect character development and a cool introduction. After all, we’re talking about her own movie telling her origin.

This is why the film is set during World War I, specifically in 1918, giving our heroine a fresh new start. Jenkins said about this,  “World War I was the first where we had mechanized war, that we started bombing people from afar. Who’s the bad guy was much more gray, which made it very interesting because you’re not looking at an obvious villain.”

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Female empowering movie.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman took really care of showing a heroine that knows the importance of all working together to solve the problems. But make no mistake, this girl won’t be misunderestimated, in a bold scene when questioning her ability to achieve things she says, “I’m the man who can.”

Jenkins really wanted to stress the fact that Diana’s the lead character, “I went into it saying ‘she’s my Superman.’ I kept seeing female heroes always had to be the alt character. They couldn’t just be the main lead. They had to be made more interesting somehow. I was like, not her. Let her be Wonder Woman.”

Jenkins had this in mind since is not usual to see a superhero movie where the main character is a woman, so she decided to make the most of it. showing women empowerment and female strength, and what best way that the Amazons?

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Perfect balance in the characters.

The movie shows both the strong and the vulnerable side of its characters. On one hand, we have Diana who is pretty much an alien in the human world, there’s where she needs Steve to understand it. On the other hand, Steve has no powers but has an incredible courage. They both need each other to make it.

As you can imagine the movie revolves around their relationship since they found huge support on each other. Jenkins said “I didn’t want him to be a damsel in distress. Since the beginning I cared about making him someone that you could fall in love with, that also has weakness and the vulnerability of that relationship meant everything to me.”

Can’t wait to watch it!

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