Ten Ideas That Will Make You The Best Valentine In The World

Step Up Your Dating Game With These Ideas

One of the most well-known legends dates back to Rome in the 3rd century. In this period, soldiers were not allowed to get married because it was believed that single men were better soldiers in battle than those who were married, because they were emotionally attached to their families.

Faced with this situation, the figure of the Christian priest Valentine appeared, who considered the obligation on soliders not to marry to be injust. Therefore, he decided to unite partners in matrimony with the Christian blessing. Through his actions, he emerged as the protector of those in love, because he carried out secret marriages all over Rome, until he was summoned by the Emperor Claudius II.

So if you want to succeed on this year’s Valentine’s take a look at this awesome ideas:

Couple in love on Valentine´s Day
Couple in love on Valentine´s Day

10. Working dad o mom

If mom or dad are not in the city for Valentine´s Day, look for some DIY ideas on pinterest,  do them with your children and wrap all that love in a box that will be sent to wherever they are.



9. Coffee shop date

Caffeine is already part of our lives, so if you and your partner are a hard working couple, taking a break with a little but romantic coffee shop date will be the best.


8. Make a mixtape or a playlist

You know your partner so get into his/her mind through the music that you know puts her/him in the best mood.


7. Watch your favorites movies at home

Choose your three favorite movies and create an ideal environment to enjoy them at home with your loved one.


6. Book lovers

If both of you love books, take a break going to the nearest bookstore and relax while reading. Then you guys can go to a perfect date in a cute restaurant.


5.Those who train together stay together

Exercise enthusiasts can go trekking, take a private pilates class or dance class together, spend a morning at the gym or anything that makes you sweat.

couple training

4. Spice it up by cooking a classic dinner

You know what they say, good food can make anyone fall in love in seconds.


3. Galactic bowling at Spare Time

We have all assisted at least one to the classic bowling date so, why don’t do a #tb and go for that idea again as a great memory


2. Be extreme and creative

There are lots of extreme outdoors activities that you can do or maybe travel to an exotic place.


1.Sweeten it

Look for a new recipe and prepare a delicious dessert for your loved one



Source: Daily Collegian


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