United Airlines Banned Teenage Girls From Flight For Wearing Leggings, WHAT?

I Can’t Believe This Actually Happened

Twitter was filled with great controversy started last Sunday,  since a woman, Shannon Watts, denounced that some girls had been banned from entering their flight and requested to change their outfit since the airline gate agent claimed they haven’t dressed appropriately.

United Airlines, was the company that banned the teenagers from flying. After receiving multiple complaints and comments from users through social networks, the airline chooses to respond by claiming they were in their “right” to prohibit flying someone who was not dressed for the occasion.

United Airlines Planes. Credits: Airways Magazine.

When you less expect it, someone can “make” your day.

The issue happened during a flight from Denver to Minneapolis when two girls, one of whom was 10-years-old, were not allowed on the United Airlines flight. What the airline wasn’t expecting was Shannon Watts to presence the unfair act. The woman, who is the mother-of-five and also the founder of movement “Moms Demand Action,” didn’t hesitate in denouncing it through her twitter personal account starting a huge controversy.

If one door closes, another opens.

Apparently, the American airline does not consider leggings to be appropriated for travel. “They are comfortable, allow ease of movement, which can prevent DVT on long flights,” those were the words of the twitter user @baddestmamajama who felt related to the problem. But as @United does not think to change its perspective on the dress policies in its flights, Delta has taken the opportunity to let the world know that if one door is closed, another opens. The rival airline, @Delta expressed that its doors are open for all those who wish to travel in a comfortable way.

They found a reason why.

Many users voiced their disagreement through tweets asking to know what the airline referred to as “appropriate.” Nevertheless, United simply argued that they “shall have the right to refuse passengers who are not properly clothed” via its Contract of Carriage.

But a few hours later, the airline finally found “a reason why” claiming that the people who were barred from traveling were “pass travelers” and have to follow a dress code when flying. Pass travelers is a term used for company employees and their family members who fly on discounted or comped tickets with their carrier.

Source: People



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