The Mesmerizing Yoga Move That’s Taking The Internet By Storm

I’m I The Only One Who Thinks About Shakira When Seeing This Move?

The latest yoga trend has been an exercise called “Nauli,” insta-celebrities have spread the move through this network leaving us all stunned.

Instagram is one of the social networks most used by people around the world. It’s famous because it allows us to transmit through photos and videos, the newest trends, our interests or hobbies.

Lately, people worldwide have increased their interest in a healthier lifestyle thanks to this which a greater importance has been given to the practices of yoga and meditation, in addition to healthy eating. No wonder the “Nauli,” is taking the internet by storm.

Yoga exercise. Credits: Indigo Blue Yoga

The Yoga Move You’ll Never See In Class.

Recently, Instagrammers have been focusing on an ancestral yoga abdominal exercise that involves isolating muscle contractions in your core, by moving it in a circular rolling motion. Most of us didn’t know about it until now, base on the fact that this move named “Nauli,” it’s very difficult to execute but it has many benefits for your body. Such as, a weak gastric fire, restores the digestion, always brings happiness, and dries up all defects and diseases.

Everyone can practice this exercise.

On Thursday, we all were kind of hypnotized since the Instagram account @Yoga regrammed a particularly mesmerizing video of the yoga lover @aubrymarie where she appeared executing the move.  Which was followed by comments asking about whether the woman featured had organs or not. It’s obvious she does, this is a regular girl who assured that while mastering this move does require dedication, it’s a myth that only super skinny people can take part. “With time and patience, it’s accessible by all body types, I promise,” Aubry claimed.

How to do it.

Although Nauli can be taught to people of any age, it is a powerful action that can cause discomfort, or possibly, minor injury. Learning from an experienced yoga teacher is recommended so here I leave you a video of a yoga lover that would help you get through it.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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