These Are Twitter’s Most Hilarious Reactions To NASA’s Discovery Of The TRAPPIST-1

Last Wednesday scientist did an incredible discovering, that was then announced by NASA. Since astronomers discovered new seven planets that are of the same size the Earth is, all of them orbiting a star called Trappist-1. Of this seven new planets, six of them orbit in a temperate zone (aka where surface temperatures are habitable). Three of them are believed to have water and be potentially habitable.

All of this greatly increasing the possibility of life existence. The new galactic system was discovered 37 light-years away, in the constellation of Aquarius. Also, the scientists believe that all of the recently discovered planets are rocky, like Earth. As opposed to giant balls of gas like Saturn or Jupiter. These new discoveries are key in founding life on another planet and are a huge step for mankind. That’s why the people on the internet decided to make fun of it, as they always do. So here we are going to leave you 10 epic twitter comments about it.

10.We humans suck.

As a species suck, we must admit it. But this guy took it to another level with this tweet. That will surely make you feel even worst.

9.Star Wars.

Trump’s migratory politics have really pissed off the world. But now with this new discovery and the possibility of life on other planets, it might just bother the whole universe.

8.Space dogs.

The space race might have been over for years now. But it seems that dogs are making a breakthrough on this topic. As internet celebrity Doug the Pug is going to space.

7.One for the conspiracy theorist.

One of the things that the internet is plagued of is conspiracy theories about pretty much everything. But the alien theme has always been a favorite. But it seems that science might just add a new point to the discussion making it spice up.

6.Planetary migration.

Most people are really disliked by Trump’s politics and measures. To the point that they will even move out of the planet just to escape from him.

5.Political truth.

Even though these planets are very far away we are sure someone will find a way to reach them. As one of the most interested ones are the U.S. Government. Especially if what this tweet says it’s true.

4. The hardest thing to find in the universe.

Who would ever though that finding a good boyfriend would be so hard. As the comment on this girl’s tweet pretty much says it all.

3.Poor Pluto.

This latest news are pretty awesome. Since new planets mean new possibilities for mankind and it really has everybody stoked about it. Everyone but Pluto, who lost its planet title not long ago. We are sorry Pluto that is just how things are.

2.Do not touch it.

Even though this breakthrough is pretty exciting. We humans should remember that we are not the best in what taking care of a planet comes. As even God remembered it to us on Twitter.

1.The new names.

As a new galaxy has been discovered, these planets are yet to be named. A smart Twitter user did an epic suggestion for them. Something that has the total backup of many and will also make them easier to remember. Since they’re Star Wars names.



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