Grandma’s Wrong Number Thanksgiving Actually Went Through And It Was Amazing

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Aww, a heartwarming story coming up! Well, the sweetest and funny confusion of a grandma ended up warming our hearts. Remember the sweet grandma who texted a number sending the invitation for Thanksgiving dinner? Well, it happened.

Jamal Hinton and Wanda, the sweetest grandma ever, got together for dinner, and it’s just lovely. Jamal drove to Arizona to meet her and the moment was recorded for history.


So, this happened.

And we all melt when we read the grandma’s reply to the message.Wanda had to change her phone number after receiving a huge amount of texts from people excited about what had happened.

Image Credit: Mashable
Image Credit: Mashable

And just when we thought that was it…

So, the two new buddies kept in touch and Jamal decided to text Wanda the day previous to the holiday and ask her about that Thanksgiving dinner. And for his surprise, she invited him. And they met!

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Such a great moment.

And Wanda’s granddaughter recorded the moment for posterity.

Sharing a selfie.

The new honorary grandma and grandson shared a picture of their meeting, and it got over 160k likes. Lovely, such a kind heart! Let’s hope they do this a tradition.



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