This Tattoo Artist/Writer Is Doing A Whole Book In People’s Body

This Is Simply Genius

Art is one of the coolest things in life. For many it’s life. Since it does not only express a person’s inner feelings. But it also portraits the reality around it and of its time. Also, some of the most impressive things in art are that it can be found practically anywhere.

Since art always has the need to reinvent itself. Creating something new all the time and making the things that impress us and that we find genius. Making art always necessary and innovative. As it has the need to break all that is established and invent something even more incredible.

Tattoo artist, and more.

As art has many shapes and forms, tattoos are maybe one of the most seen in current days. Since it includes image and written art. But a tattoo artist in his pursuit of innovating has done something amazing.

Meet Fausto Alzati a writer and tattoo artist from Mexico City. Besides being an experienced tattoo artist for many years he has some publications to its name. Like Poemas perrones pa’ la banda (2012) and Sabor a Mí (2014). Also, he directs Verbo, a poetry festival in Mexico.

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Fausto’s new book.

Currently, Fausto is writing his new book. But as a true artist, he has dropped out the traditional ways. The book it’s a poem book and it’s called “Acá también tengo cómo quererte,” (Here, I Also Have How To Love You). As Fausto is writing it on 165 different persons, using a “human paper for it.”

Fausto got the idea to write his new book on the skin after he had just finished it. After he realized that if he published his book in a traditional way probably no one or few persons would read it. So is the texts are tattooed they will not only reach new places they will be “living.”

Image Credit: @agujasytinta
Image Credit: @agujasytinta

Living and traveling book.

“I had a book of poems finished in my notebooks, but I wasn’t very excited by the prospect of publishing it for only a small number of readers just to make myself feel clever. I decided it would be better to write it on people, on living flesh, and for it to circulate around the world in a new way, giving the words and the poetry the weight they deserve.”

The collection of poems is set to be released both as a book and a documentary as well. Including the pictures of the tattoos. As well an exhibition of the portraits of the people who participated in the project. Also, if you want to participate on Fausto’s project you just have to schedule your appointment, chose a poem and he will tattoo it on you. As simple as that.

Image Credit: @agujasytinta
Image Credit: @agujasytinta



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