Chris Pine Nailed His SNL Performance And Did A Hilarious ‘Star Trek’ Sketch

‘The Lost Episode’ Of Star Trek Was To Die For

Chris Pine made his Saturday Night Live debut and it was all you could ask for and more. The actor delivered a Star Trek sketch that was simply hilarious.

Chris’ musical talent was a big part of the show delivering not one but three musical sketches.

Star Trek lost episode Chris Pine style

There was no way Chris Pine was getting through his Saturday Night Live debut without a Star Trek sketch. Pine is the star of three Star Trek movies and SNL writers definitely found a way to put in the cult movie.

Chris reprised his role as Capt. Kirk in a spoof of the original 1960s series, and it went were no SNL skit has gone before.

The sketch was based on the discovery of a show that never aired on television. In the unaired episode, Mr. Spock reveals he has a half brother, Spock-o.

Spocko is the result of Spock’s tryst between Spock’s Vulcan dad and a pizza parlor waitress. Go figure!

The introduction of Spock-o in the show came as a producers’ attempt to attract younger viewers, so they cast a nightclub singer.

The episode ends up in a disaster with the cast dancing at the Pizza Beach tune.

Getting goofy and delivering the best episode of the season

Chris hosted the second fully live broadcast in SNL history, and he delivered. He did his debut as host in one of the most musical episodes in recent memory. Chris graced us with his musical talent in three sketches. But he had so much more to give and proved he can go full goofy in the name of entertainment.

First, it was his monolog which had music. Chris walked us trough the Chrises of Hollywood and assured us his identity.  While he tries to convince the audience he’s not Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, or Chris Hemsworth with an enormous poster of the various Chrises, he does his best to lineate the differences to the tune of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl.

Cast members jump in to help him and fail big time as they don’t know who their host is.

Then, there’s World Peace Rap, in which a singer, Slav-D who’s rejected from True Blood, sees the injustice of the world today and raps about it. However, Slav-D’s crying for change suddenly becomes a plea to stop making porn, as Slav-D’s reveals he’s addicted to it. Kinda weird, but is SNL.

Other sketches included a bunch of straight guys watching RuPaul’s Drag Race together and discussing it. The chilled get-together suddenly turns into a lip-sync battle with a choreography.

Chris Pine

Source: Deadline


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