Ramsay Bolton Is Now Playing Hitler, Shocker Huh?

You Could Say That They Share Common Interests.

Apparently, Iwan Rheon loves to be hated by everyone. The actor is known for playing the most despicable and awful villain you could ever see on the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” and now he’s accepted the role of Adolf Hitler.

The 31-year-old actor is the main star in an episode of Sky Arts’s Urban Myths called “Adolf the Artist.” The film will show the dictator’s life when he wanted to pursue a career in arts, way before he became interested in politics and started the war.

Take a look:

Hitler was struggling to be a painter.

Adolf Hitler tried to enter The Academy Of Fine Arts of Vienna a few times but he was rejected every time. Rheon will give life to this character in the film showing his struggles when he wanted to become a famous painter. The film directed by Dan Zeff ended was finished in Poland in 2015.


Rupert Grint will be Iwan’s co-star.

The Harry Potter superstar plays the role of Hitler’s friend, a character inspired on one of the dictator’s writings.


We are not sure of how all of this will turn out.

The appearance of Hitler will be a brief moment in the British comedy that will also feature stories of Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. But if you ask me, hiring the actor that gave life to the most hated character of the decade, to play one of the cruelest people that ever existed might turn out offensive. Plus the fact that the lovely Ron Weasley is his best friend just makes it really weird.


Iwan, please be nice.

People couldn’t be more thrilled about its character’s dead in GOT’s 6th season (SPOILER)  after four really long seasons of cruelty and evilness from Ramsay Bolton. One thing is to play a villain in a fictional series but it is really different to play the guy that initiated World War II, and killed millions. There is no “Battle Of The Bastards” where we can send him to die here. The Welsh actor needs to play the nice guy from now on. I really hope he doesn’t hurt Rupert in the film.


Iwan, we love you but you are making it so hard!




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