Mark Hamill Reacting To The New ‘Star Wars’ Title Is The Cutest

‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ Is Coming

Star Wars has been for decades now one of the most exciting and well-known franchises of all time. By becoming part of the pop culture and by creating a parallel universe in a “far far away galaxy.”

The story is so impressive it caught the heart of fans through generations. But also it has been one of the most impressive Sci-Fi franchises. Disney bought the rights for a reason. So now a new movie is going to be released this year. To continue the story that has made so many fans fall in love with the saga.

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Jedi knight’s reaction.

As “Episode VIII,” called “The Last Jedi” set to be released this year. In an interview with the iconic actor who portraits the legendary Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamil. He was asked what he thought about the movie and its title.

A Skywalker reaction.

Hamil’s reaction is pretty cool. Adding that he thinks the title is “straightforward and minimalistic.” Saying it has an epic “samurai” feel on it as well. He compares the difference between the shooting of this new Star Wars movie and the originals one.

As he names, particularly the paranoia that modern day film industry lives, as they want to avoid information leaking. Something that in other times nobody really cared about.

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Those greedy jerks.

The only problem that we have with this reaction/trailer of this new Star Wars movie is the fact that they leave us knowing nothing and at the same point, they left us in the last movie. Making us feel a bit cheated.

But nonetheless, it achieves their objective of keeping our craving for the new movie. The movie will premiere on December 17th of 2017.

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