This 15 Kitties Are In Love With Their Humans And It’s The Cutest Thing

Animals, as we have said before, are one of the best things in this world. And pets are without doubt part of the family. Not only they’re cool and lovely the only real thing they ask from us is love. And from time to time food and playing time, something we would ask anyone. Who didn’t ask their parents to play with them when they were kids?

So in this love giving relationship one of the best things to feel is the love from our furry friends. Many know that dogs are the classical representation of pet loving. They have a clumsy and  unmeasured way of showing that they love us above all. But on the other hand, there are cats, who some say that they don’t even care about their humans. But anyone who has interacted with a kitty knows for sure this is a lie. They have their own way of showing their affection.

Image Credit: jetske
Image Credit: jetske

So here you have 15 pictures of kitties showing that they love their humans. Not only to shush the skeptic but also because they’re really cute.


15.Over prrr-otective.

The love for animals should be something taught to everyone in the world from early ages. Besides look how cute it looks. Hope he sings the baby some cat lullabies, or at least “Soft Kitty”

Image Credit: The Inquistr

14.Big brother.

Nothing better than to snuggle with your favorite human. Besides, the eyes the cat is seeing at his persons is adorable. You can feel the love.

Image Credit:


13.Saving the day.

This time the cat has not only saved his human from falling into the pool. After the traumatic experience with water, that any cat would understand, he stays there to give emotional support to his owner.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: jchristena / Via

12.True love.

If there was a girl in the picture instead of a cat, you will say this is a couple’s profile picture. The guy’s smile and the way the kitty is looking at his owner make you feel tender. You know for sure that they love each other.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: MisterKen / Via

11.Hugging time.

A hug is the best way to show the ones you love you care. And what a special hug it’s if you are using your whole body to do it. It doesn’t matter what part of your significant other you hug, as long as you do it in a good and squishing way.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: StatuesqueSasquatch / Via


10.I’ll stop the world and melt with you.

Again the love in each other’s face and the awesomeness of a hug. All of this has led to the  cat melting over his human’s body.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: annamals / Via

9.Love is in the air.

Who would dare to say that cats don’t show their love for their humans after this picture?

Image Credit: @abby_corriveau

8.Netflix and chill.

The comfort and peace this cat has with its human is in a “serious relationship” level.

Image Credit: Kalliopita / Via

7.Huge hug.

Is not the size of the hug that matters, is the amount of love and squishing that does.

Image Credit: Liths / Via

6.The pet life.

Nothing seems like a better lifestyle than a pet’s. Just look how well and relaxed this kitty looks. Truly a life goal.

Image Credit: Andynym / Via

5.Monday mornings.

We had to make the joke since is the only Garfield-ish cat in the countdown. Besides he is doing something that Garfield would: avoiding work, sleep and chill. And he is helping his human relax, so this one is more altruistic.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: BScottyT / Via

4.Snuggling around.

Nothing better than a snuggle with your favorite thing/giant human pillow.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: elshai /


3.Good night.

The best way to end the day is in a comfortable way with the ones you love.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

2.Kitty kiss.

They make a lovely couple. And they show their love in a healthy and adorable way.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: alyseesyla1 / Via


1.Can’t help falling in love with you.

This adorable kitten has fallen into his owners loving hands. That will pet him and give him love forever.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: RealClearScience


So remember the next time you see a cat, give him some love. As they will surely do with you!

Image Credit:
Image Credit: The Inquistr



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