Kylo Is One Of The Fastest Growing Baby Boy Names In The US

The Force Is In All Of Us

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises and stories in the world. As it has changed movies and pop culture forever. Counting as well with one of the world’s biggest fan base. That is what brings us here since the fans of Star Wars are making the name Kylo one of the most popular ones in the U.S. Bringing closer to reality the far far away galaxy.

This seems to be a product, obviously of the release of the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise. That’s the screen debut for the Sith warrior, that is also Han Solo and Princess Leia’s son. Maybe these die-hard fans are trying to give some intergalactic pedigree to their children.  Or simply to honor the new villain of the saga, perhaps to embrace their inner dark side?

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The rise of Kylo in our world

When it comes to names there is a dangerous freedom. Since they have an information charge, meaning quite something. But nowadays people want to be special and unique something that can end up terrible wrong. In this case, we think is more the meaning/tribute lane since during 2016 thousands of babies were named Kylo, most probably in honor of Kylo Ren.

The new popularity of the name has made it break into the top 1.000 names for boys, taking the 901 spot. This means it jumped over 2,000 slots from the previous year. Since it 2015 it was on the 3269 spot and last year was on 2368 one. Turning Kylo in the fastest growing name in America, according to The Social Security Administration. Whom releases its annual list of popular baby names in America.

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The dark side of the force

Obviously, Star Wars has a bigger influence in daily life than most of us think. Along with Kylo, one of the names that turned way more popular ones on 2016 was “Leia,”  as it rose by 100 places. Something that also happened with Anakin on 2015. But this isn’t the first time that pop culture has influenced the naming of entire generations. In one point, people named their kids “Beckham,” and more recently “Khaleesi”. It also seems that naming babies after a villain is more common and popular than we think. According to the founder of “Babynamewizard.com,” Laura Wattenberg, said that villains make for more popular characters, and names, than heroes.

The only contradiction and bad thing we see with entire generations of kids named Kylo are what the Sith Lord seem to be in the film. Besides being crazy and spoiled, isn’t it bad that he dumped his mom and stabbed his dad? So is this the smartest choice? Are we going to get massive waves of crazy kids killing their parents? Will this be the rise of a Sith army? We will have to wait some decades to figure it out.

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