Disney Unveils ‘Incredibles 2’ Full Cast With A Ton Of New Faces

We’ve Been Waiting For This Since 2004

Many characters will be added to this film along with faces that we already know and want. The best part is that they are the same voices. What more could you want? This sequel comes with everything. After the success of Disney’sThe Incredibles first movie in 2004.

The creators shared through Twitter the complete cast of the voice and the characters of Incredibles 2. The premiere date is scheduled for June 15th.

New faces for the Incredibles 2 installment

The film is being directed by Brad Bird. Whose successes can be seen with films like Ratatouille and the live-action thriller Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The plot of this new installment revolves around the Parr family. They all have superpowers but have to hide them in order to live as a common family and not stand out in society.

Incredibles 2
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New characters revealed

The Parr family voices made by Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Sarah Vowell will remain intact. While Samuel L. Jackson and Bird will again support the team with the voices of Frozone and Edna Mode. Another cast member that comes back is John Ratzenberger. He brings to life The Underminer. An antagonist introduced at the end of the first film.

Among the new faces, we can appreciate Huck Milner, who will replace Spencer Fox as Dash Parr, whose skill is super speed.

Also, Breaking Bad star will be joining the film. Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk. Banks will play Rick Dicker, a government agency responsible for maintaining the secret identity of the Parr family. The character was previously expressed by Bud Luckey in the first installment of this saga.

Odenkirk plays Winston Deavor. A fan of superheroes who wants to expose the identity of the Parr family. Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn are her new additions to this movie.

The film also features another superhero. Sophia Bush as Voyd, who has the superpower to create voids in which she can make objects disappear.

Isabella Rossellini will enter the film as a foreign ambassador, committed to the superpowers and legalize them.

Without a doubt, this film takes us back to the years when we were children and we loved superheroes.  A Disney movie that marked the childhood of more than one. Prepared for June, and the good thing is that we do not need the excuse of taking a child to the movies just to not seem childish because it is very sure that more than one adult will enjoy this movie that gives life to his childhood

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